Friday, July 1, 2011

Last shot...

To keep my career going with Prudential.

I found out on Wednesday that I am no longer being considered for the other 3 positions I applied for within Pru. This really cut me to the core because they never even talked to me, never gave me a shot!

I ended up crying all day and then on top of that I found out the my back up plan was no longer MY back up plan. The company is going to keep one full time OCS and btw the other two girls and myself we figured that if we ended up not getting a remote position then at least we would have a shot at keeping our current position. This is true for the Metairie girls. The company decided that the full time slot would be based out of the Parent Office that automatically counts me out. I have no desire to move down there and that is my down fall.

Anyways I am waiting to hear back from the one interview that I had on Tuesday. I am not holding my breathe since there are so may people applying.

After all this bad news and me promising myself and my family there would no more tears I have begun the search for a new career. This seems to have lit a fire under my ass and I seem to feel more confident and more in control of my life.

If I end up without a position with Pru then I will be placed on an exit plan where my last day will be in November. That is plenty of time to find another job and I have time to be picky. I think this is why I feel better. I feel like I have some sort of control and that is very important. This whole time I have had no control and I have had to watch other people, that have never met me decide my future.

Please keep me in mind and keep praying for my family. We are a little lost right now and I struggle most with letting go and putting it in Gods hands. This is where we new you...all of you! Please!
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