Friday, July 22, 2011

What was a changing moment in your life?

There were so many it's hard to pinpoint just one.

I would have to say that a very important changing moment in my life happened when I moved out of my parents house. This one big change spurred so many great and terrifying things to occur.

I never knew what it was like to have no family. No one to run back to who would fix all your problems. I never knew real pain until I lost my family. Of course I blamed my parents and in turn they blamed me and in some cases probably still do.

I was in my early twenties and working at Sam's Club, while going to school. One day during my shift I noticed a unusually large man trying to maneuver in a very small freezer section. I'll admit to checking him out all the while his back end was sticking out. Since I was a shy girl there was no way in hell I was going over to talk to him.

Since this is a different story I will just tell you I fell head over hills in love with this man. I would do anything to be with him. Sneak around and know what every kid does when they know their parents won't approve. Well I got caught several times and finally it came down to me having to choose between the man I loved and my family.

I am not saying that I made the best choice but I have never felt regret for choosing the way I had. There are a lot of dirty details that need not be mentioned but you can only imagine.

In making this decision, I had to grow up and fast. I was bouncing from house to house and walking to and from work a lot.

Eventually Mr Randolph and moved in with one another and the rest is just fluff!

After five years and a little Tater baking in my belly my family came around. I could not be happier to have my family back together. It's never functional and that is why it is charming.

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