Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

This Saturday Tater Man and I hit the road early because we had lots of pool time fun to fit in our day.

First was a hair cut. When his cowlicks start to fight back its time for those beautiful curls to get cut. I usually cut both of the boys hair but I am over that and so now it's time for a barber to do it and mommy to enjoy! I was so freaking proud of my little man because he sat very still and just admired himself in the mirror. He has been to a barber before and of course had no issues then either but this time there was another toddler in the shop. He was 3 and with his daddy. OMG! I felt so bad for the daddy because his little man just flipped out the entire time.

It also didn't help that everyone in there was shooting the poor daddy eyes and mumbling. I was pretty upset because with all things toddler related you know they can react perfectly one day and the next time you will have your own personal hellion to handle. I just kept telling Tater Man he was such a big boy. He said "Your Welcome"....sound like someone you know (Auntie Sammy?) He also figured he was gorgeous and could not keep from checking himself out. I mean he did have 3 salon ladies chatting him up. LAWD!

Evidence of that cowlick!

Has his own opinions on how it should be cut.


You can't tell the finished product because he would not allow the lady to style would swear she asked to put flowers in his hair with the way he looked at her. Boyz!

When we finally finished running around town it was time for swimming then we went to a crawfish boil. He has started swimming lessons this week but I will have more on that later!

Wrestling with daddy!

My Happy Place!

Love my boys...don't mind my bobo. I had a nasty wart removed.

You see that face? Also take notice at how tall he is next to me....I am wearing 4 inch wedges!
He will always be my little Tater Man!


Teachers Appreciation Week!

Soooooo late I know but we do appreciate our teachers! Tater Man loves his Ms. Cheryl so much.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thunderbutt Thursday!

I am happy to say that Tater Man has been fully potty trained for a long while now but this only means that we move on to a new obstacle. DRESSING!

Mr. Randolph has taken and fully succeeded in teaching our 3 year old how to undress himself. Its like an art are something lol. I am sure you understand like most other mothers when a child has a chance to be naked they prefer to stay naked. This is my child!

Some days he does feel like he should wear his undies so after he is done pottying he runs downstairs and brings them to us to help put them back on. I say some days because a few of those days if you aren't on the ball you will just find spider man undies flying and landing on your face!!!!

Now our mission is to get him to put the undies on himself. He is able to get his boxers on without any fuss. The little briefs though pose a whole new kind of trouble!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day!

Mr. Randolph and I we traveling home from Houston for most of my special day.

This only meant he would make it extra special by letting me sleep for most of the drive home and then to top off my day he and Tater Man gave me a special surprise. I got a beautiful necklace that shows me how much they care!

Tater is my saving grace and each day he brings me joy and happiness. He painted me a card and I have one of his first official pieces of art! I will treasure it always and thanks to his Nana for guiding him!

I really hope each of you mommies had a great day like I did. We are really blessed with angels.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What did you see at work today?

Golf Club Heads

To form a GOLF BALL!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless Wednesday!

Tater Man and his Uncle Cracker Chris!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Monkey`d Around the Zoo!

Tater Man and mommy woke up several times last night he was having growing pains AGAIN and Mr. Randolph was not feeling well either.

I tried to give the hubby a better shot at catching some z`s so little man and I went on a field trip!
working up a nice stinky boy sweat
We did not make it out into the zoo and Mr. Randolph calls asking where we snuck off too. He was bummed he couldn't make it but I reassured him that i would take loads of video and pics. I DID!

The whole excursion was amazing. I was by myself so that meant the stroller came. There is no way in hell i can carry mu three year old around. He is half my joke!

It was nice because he could run, walk, or chill and stroll. He knew animals they not only had me wide eyed but some of the parents around me were giggling and freaking out because he was so smart.

I had to admit it was all his daddy. They watch lots of National Geographic.

He was so exhausted by the end of the trip he passed out wide mouth and snoring on the way home. I pulled up to our house and called the hubby. "Come get your child. He fell asleep in the car!" I told you i cant carry him!

Happy Saturday from laying at the pool be lazy! :-P

look mommy piggy tails

Aunt Sammy's goat!
I just take what I want!
king O the mountain!

us again he is so yuck with sweat his hair is going crazy.



I know I am a little behind on the blogging but with my job and our e lately there is just no time for computers. I go to work everyday and work on a computer so the last thing that I want to do when I get home is post something. I will try and at least get one in a week.

Our Easter was amazing. We had an entire weekend of celebration starting with the zoo that Saturday morning and my mom's house that afternoon.
Tater Man and Mommy in the horse buggy!
I swear its crazy! They even walk the same way!

Tater smiling distrustfully because he thinks daddy will throw him in with the big chickens (emus/ostriches).

He had good reason to worry! ;-)

Family photo fail lol.

yeah gave me chills.

Thank God for the glass or Tater might just have grabbed it.

Mommas little fire fighter.

Riding the train with daddy. Don't you love these fake smiles?!

Family Picture WIN!

We told him it was time to go?!?

Its a lot of hard work being the Easter Bunny

So like I said earlier we went to my parents that afternoon for crawfish and BBQ. It was a warm afternoon so all the kids did the egg hunt and jumped in the pool. Who would have known that my brother would have tossed myself in the pool....just for fun! The water was cold but it was hilarious, so much for fixing my hair really cute that day.

We spent Easter Sunday with Mr. Randolph's family and his brother's family. It was a nice and quiet afternoon.
My precious little people.

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