Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Weekend Recap!

My weekend started at 6:30 pm on Friday. I am glad I got off a little early because I had to prepare my house for a party of women and children.

I am not sure why I killed myself cleaning since it was completely filthy by the end of the party. I guess that means we had a great time.

It was a Premier Jewelry show and I was the host. I don't mind hosting because I get free jewelry! I had lots of appetizers: chips and rotel cheese dip, crackers and hummus, cookies, cheese/meat/cracker tray, coffee, and wine. My friend Stevi brought and incredible chicken salad dip. We were bummed that Sammy did not bring her special stuffed croissants ;-(!

The "jewelry lady" did a spectacular job showcasing everything and did great on her presentation. Everyone had a good time and after a few of the guests left the real party started. I have learned that anytime something is held at my house I fully expect to be up until 2am. I was and even cleaned everything up afterwards.

The next morning I was up and about early because it was a Smith/Randolph girls slumber day. It's a LIE! There is no such thing as slumber when I am with my mom and SIL. These women have wheels on their asses and don't slow down for anyone! I do love them.

We started shopping at Old Navy then headed to the mall. Oh did I forget to mention that we had Tater, Monkey, and PUDDIN Momma. After Old Navy Tater was screaming for a snack, screaming! Growth spurt?

We fed them all and started scooting around the mall. You all know that nothing stands in the way of Tater getting his nap in and I knew that he was tired after we stopped at Build a Bear.

Who in the hell puts evilness like this in a store?!?! We went in because PUDDIN needed a Smurfette. Tater wanted everything in there and I was not spending that kind of money on a stuffed animal that he would never play with. Plus I genuinely hate stuffed animals!

After seeing huge crocodile tears and him simply losing his mind I drug him out of the store and stood out in the isle of the mall. It's lovely being one of those parents with one of those kids but they ALL go through it and lucky for him he lived through it!

I took him out of the buggy and put him in the stroller. Not ten minutes later he was passed out and I was happy. He slept for the entire time we were in the mall. It's amazing. Especially since one cousin pulls his hair and the other kept hitting him to wake up.

Finally we left the mall and headed home for some swimming. The kids had a blast in the pool with their Pap! My SIL just loved when I snuck her and threw her in the pool. Yep I am a bad seed and she makes it way to easy. I mean everyone knows not to walk by a pool unless you plan on going in, right?!?!?

We ordered pizza and played cards while the boys played in their tent. They were "camping!" I love it!

The next morning my friend came and picked me up and we took off to Lowes. It was time to get my yard together and he was the perfect person to help. We worked our butts off but finished it up beautifully! I am very proud!

Joey treated me to lunch, ouce-cream, and then a movie! Harry Potter was amazing and of course I cried. Mr Randolph joined us for the movie and I think he liked it. We headed home and I think I sacked out at 8pm. I was exhausted!

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