Monday, December 19, 2011

3rd Annual Friends Christmas Party

December 16 marked the day of our 3rd Annual Friends Christmas Party. I get so excited around this time of year and since we are all usually running around to our families houses and our business Christmas parties Mr. Randolph and I need to make sure that we always set aside a special night to celebrate the season with our friends.

The planning almost always starts months in advance with just hammering down a day. Then we start getting the menu together in the month of December and it usually changes so often. I mean if your dog eats a special cake mix you bought for cupcakes then you have to change the menu! You happened!

We of course had the famous Candy Cane Martinis and they were a big hit. Nanny Wheazy has skills when it comes to making fancy drinks. She won't drink them though, lol.

There a few new couples and co-workers that were able to make the party. The more the merrier. It made for a lot more work but I am a great hostess and that is my duty. When the presents started getting handed out the excitement began. We were very proud of Tater Man because when the guest arrived and handed him a gift he would promptly bring it and place it under the tree. Mr. Randolph and I were in shock because not once in the past 3 years have we ever had to fuss at him for messing with the presents under the tree. He is such a good boy.

He was also acting a little shy this night and reserved because there were people there he did not know. Tater Man had a sit down talk with Uncle Kris about being courteous and always thanking the nice people that bring you gifts. Since he is a very spoiled child we thank God for him learning that being thankful for what you already have it whats most important. 
Uncle Kris always will to give the Tater his life lesson!
He is one lucky fella to have so much guidance and people to look
up too!
The Thevis' always seem to shine at this party lol!

Tater Man's first taste of pop rocks.

It was love at first sight!
I always try and get the picture taking done and out
of the way because the men's get antsy. They are
great sports though and always provide great memories

Love at first type! The future Mr. and Mrs. O'Neal!
His Aunt and Uncles Spoil him ROTTEN! I can't wait to
hook this up to one of our computers and let him show me
how to work the dang thing!
Curtis and Maggie!

I have been talking and whining about my old set of pots and pans for the past couple of years.  They were all scratched up and no longer non-stick! I hated them and made sure to tell Mr. Randolph each and every time I had to use them. Sorry honey! One of my favorites chefs is Rachel Ray and when she came out with a line of products I fell in love. I like the different colors she uses and her products are very well made. I was very overjoyed when I unwrapped this gift from one of my besties! Can't you tell!?

Tater was a huge help when it came to unwrapping!

....that's why I love them.
Yeah I believe it was made just for him!
Curtis, Joey, and Mr. Randolph cooking and drinking.

After a few of the guests left the boys got all relaxed and the video gaming commenced. This was my cue to head to bed with my nice buzz.

I was very proud of my little outfit I put together!

Until next year.....


Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Funny

What does your son do when you ask him to stand by the local Santa? Well that is not what the Tater Man does!

Got to hold onto that thing it might run away!

Then this is just a bit of cuteness from the week!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I have been doing a lot of shopping getting ready for Saint Nick to come to the house. I finally had time a couple of weekends ago to get some decorations up in the house. I have a few more pictures of some things but these are my favorite.

Merry Christmas!

Traditional tree this year

I like this new addition. My mom gave me the garland and Tater's Nanny created a master peice showing off our special ornaments and stockings!


Turkey Day 1- Wilson House

After leaving my parents house for Thanksgiving that morning we heading for an early turkey dinner at my brother and sister-in-law's house. They had such a spread. I guess you would have too since there were going to be 30 mouths to feed.

Mr. Randolph and I weren't too hungry so we did our visiting and I had my wine of course. It was so relaxing to be able to visit with the Tater Man while he playing with his cuz Jackscon(what he calls him)! They love each other and they played hard all evening.

I was able to convince Tater Man to get into the fun jump, which is no easy task. I think he had one bad experience that he holds on to. Thankfully after a few jumps with his cuz he was ready to play and loves to jump now.

When it was time to go it was decided that Tater would spend the night with Nana and Papaw. I headed to Wal-Mart to prepare for my Black Friday shopping and Mr. Randolph had a buddy come over for a gaming night.

We all had a blast and couldn't be more thankful. I have a third post about Thanksgiving because we had FOUR different celebrations. I only got pictures from three of those. 

Nana and Papaw
My family of three

I love them big


One happy family. We weren't even the biggest family there!

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