Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back in April- Tater's first boat ride!

It was a beautifully hot and sunny day where our little family of three had no aspirations to do anything. I think I was born with wheels on my ass so this just would not work for me. I called my mom to see what they were doing and they were out crabbing!

I was so jealous because I was stuck at home. So being proactive I called to see if Tater's papaw was in town. Thankfully he was so I knew what Tater and I were doing for the rest of the day while Mr Randolph zoned out on video games.

We shot out the door and were so excited when Nana agreed that we should take their boat out for Claytons first ride. I was sad that his daddy missed it but I tried to get lots of pictures and video. Tater had an adorable life vest and really has no issue wearing it when we finally figured out how it was suppose to be worn!

When we got on the water and the boat started he wasn't to sure about it and decided that sitting with Nana would keep him safe. He started to warm up after a few snacks and loved pointing out all the birds and the alligators he kept seeing. We never saw any alligators but he sure had us going.

I wore my bathing suit in hopes of catching some rays. I was sitting in the front of the boat and Tater finally got brave enough to start walking around. Papaw drove us around and showed us all the huge shrimp and tug boats. You should have seen Taters eyes.

A couple hours and about a billion more alligator sightings Tater crashed hard. He started the bot ride in his Nanas arms and ended up napping with her. She just has the magic touch.

I can't wait for the next boat ride and maybe a little fishing since Clayton has become an avid castor. Maybe I can talk the hubby into going next te!


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