Monday, March 26, 2012

Water play!

Tater man and I spent most of our Saturday soaking up some rays. It was too gorgeous to be inside! His Uncle Richie blew up his ball pit and filled it with water.

Tater was in Heaven! I knew the pool would be too cold still so we improvised.

He caught some bigs and after a while he decided to escape the heat by laying lazily in the ball pit.

I love this sweet baby boy!

I hope you enjoyed my lunch time quicky post!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patricks Day

On Saturday, March 17th the Randolph Family had a wonderfully beautiful date day.

We had lunch at Jason's Deli and it was a first for Tater and I. Then we hit Harbor Freights for some goodies for Tater.

I know this post is late but I am just getting around to my blog.

found him sleeping there again.

its ok mommy set him all up


Thursday, March 15, 2012

My first flowers!

This past weekend I got into the groove of painting again. I hope to be able to do something each week, but with a three year old we know how mommies hobbies get put aside.

I have never painted a flower and was constantly told that it was the easiest concept to grasp. Ha! Well it could be if i relaxed and realized that my paintings do not have to be perfect or look as good as my veteran teacher!

I am excited to say that i have gotten lots of compliments on my paintings so hopefully I can be a little more relaxed with the next flower.

I ended up giving my first flower painting to my co-worker sunve she is the Hibiscus guru! I really think she liked it and its currently on display in her office.

I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I do!

P.S. For some of my readers.... I posted this while on my lunch break! Have a nice day!

Beginning of my first Hibiscus.

All done!

Second Hibiscus!
Ugly canvas!

Gessoed over!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Dave Ramsey way!


We have been running around like chickens in the Randolph house. Since the New Year there have been a lot of changes and of course resolutions broken. Duh! Who keeps those anyway?!
Well our promise to ourselves to become debt free has not been broken! Mr. Randolph and I have accomplished so much lately and I couldn’t be more proud, although we need to reign in some of the frivolous spending.
When we started the Dave Ramsey program we were very strict on ourselves. We stayed on budget by pulling out the allotted cash we needed along with never using our debit cards. This aspect of the program has fallen by the wayside, as of late. Unfortunate!
Do you ever tell your partner that we need to start doing something but neither of you actually gets the ball rolling? Laziness and its BOTH of your faults. It would be easy for me to blame the hubby for us getting too relaxed but that is far from the case. We have to start again and we have to start now! ;-)
All is not lost! We have, thanks to tax returns, paid off two more debts! Sweet Jesus! The American Express also called a Stupid Tax by Dave Ramsey, mostly because you have to be a little stupid to have one. We also had a loan for something we did not NEED but was a good investment. We only have 1-car note, 1-credit card (the devil), and a student loan. I am only really concerned about the first two. These two debts being paid off will mean so many new things happening for our family of three. Selling the condo, getting a bigger house, and Baby Randolph 2.0! I am so excited but I feel like my drive is a little defeated, mostly because I am a huge pessimist.
There are no rainbows for me, or seeing the light. Mr. Randolph really hates this part of mentality. I can’t blame him! I am not sure why I am always watching for the other shoe to drop or why my glass is only half full. I think I do this to my family, and myself thinking that I am preparing us for the worst. It really does no good and only brings us all down.
Anyway, things will change TODAY! We are going to get back on track and knock the bills the F out!
I forgot to mention that we were also able to get Mr. Randolph a whole new(very much needed), updated computer system with some of the tax returns. We also did some renovations on the house and I am hoping to have a post for that soon. I PROMISE! He! He!
If you don’t know who Dave Ramsey is or his plans then you won’t get my references, but I will say them all the same. We are moving at Gazelle speed and watching out for dem CHEETAH’S!

Pablo Potato!

I showed you my paintings but I forgot to show you the Tater during his first of many art lessons with his Nana! How freaking special is this little guy?

He also gets to have loads of fun helping his Papaw build his model airplanes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Nanny!

Do you have that person in your life you never feel like you have to explain yourself too...
That person that calls you on your bullshit...
Sees though a fake smile.....
That friend that seems more than just a friend....
The person that you don't take offense when they make fun of you because they tell you to suck it up..
Do you have that one person besides your spouse that finishes your sentences....


A friend that doesn't mind planning your wedding and even will be your maid of honor...if only she knew that signing the witness line meant she will be in charge of Mr. Randolph when I run away!

My life was blessed with The Wheazy when I was moved here during high school. I just knew I would make no friends until I road the bus home one day. This girl and a few others fell in love with me and my story of the coon dogs! Do you remember Wheazy? I will never forget it!

Tater, today is your Nanny's birthday today and she is one of your biggest supporters and spoils you competly rotten. She has made it her mission to make sure you want for anything and you never have. You are blessed to be her God Son!

We love you Wheazy!


Heart attack to heart breaker!

I know that becoming a mommy has made me a serious worry wart. This Wednesday I nearly had my first heart attack. It was a typical work/school morning. All Randolph's rolling unwilling out of bed and dragging our pitiful hineys to the bathroom for our morning rituals.

Neither of my Randolph men are morning people. I am slowly being trained to hate the mornings. Anyways back to what I was saying. I got out of bed and since Mr. Randolph got to the bathroom first that meant I was on Tater wake up duty. You don't expect so much grumpy to come out of such a little person.

Well when I walked into his room this is what I saw.....

 Instant panic set in because my baby was not where he was suppose to be and on came the sweats and me running around the house like a bat shit crazy woman. I ran into the bathroom yelling at Matthew to see if he had seen Tater yet this morning.

When he said no my world felt empty. I know this may seem dramatized but most first time mommies have had something similar happen to them I am sure. Well I ran back into his room and looked around thinking that maybe he became invisible and I just keep missing him in his way to small room.

I calmed down and ended up hearing something. The sound was Tater snores?!?! Where the hell is my freakin baby!? Well I bent down on the ground to see if maybe he fell off of his bed (which is also way to small) and rolled under it. NOPE.

Well I looked in the opposite direction and this is what I saw.
 My heart melted! I admit I had a few tears mostly of comfort but simple joy that this little man brings into my life each and every day.

I can only imagine that he got out of bed and decided he would play some trains instead of sleep. Well lately hanging out under the train table has been his thing. 

I very quietly got up and ran to get a camera. I did not want to forget this moment. Thank you God for this little man!
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