Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Appliances A-plentiful

I am excited to say that our washer worries are over.

After some searching and lots of help we found a great second hand washer! I couldn't be happier. I know that must sound crazy but you should see the pile of clothes I have in the laundry room. Those boys of mine go through their outfits like mr divas.

We plan to put the washer into the debt snowball even though at the end of the month it will get paid off or mostly. If we do it this way we are holding ourselves accountable and have a record of payments. Mr Randolph's father knows the seller of the washer so we feel great about the buy and the fact that it will have a one year warranty helps. The other businesses only offered 90 days.

I know this buy is not exactly what Dave Ramsey would advise us to do but we could not pass it up and hopefully it does not become an issue to pay it off. I feel confident about it but I worry over everything.

On another note our dishwasher has also been broke for a year. Sad news although we have been using it as a drying rack. This has sucked because everyone hates washing dishes in my house, even the Tater man. He and his daddy much prefer filling the dishwasher and on most occasions are happy to do it.

Along with the washer we will be unloading a dishwasher from the same man. We got it for nothing and are very thankful for this blessing.

It's amazing how much God really is watching over my family. I pray everyday that he will continue blessing our lives but I know only through trials will my family persevere.

Thanks for everything! ;-)
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