Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back in March: Downtown Alive!

I am still trying to play catch-up with the months that I stopped blogging. I really don't want to miss out on these memories and I actually love to relive them. I want this blog to depict my family journey and well I just simply can't have any gaps. Now I just need to get on the ball.

Mr Randolph and I took Tater-Man to his first Downtown Alive celebration. Since my blog readers live in Louisiana or have in the past then surely you know what I am talking about. If you are not sure try out this site: http://www.downtownlafayette.org/. I really love the culture in our little city and I love sharing it with Tater. My husband is a born and raised coon-ass so he is very accustomed to the culture that surrounds him. He also is a big man and I guess it is a big man syndrome that he simply hates crowds of little average sized people around him.

With that bit of knowledge we rarely to get out to the big gatherings in our city. I did get very lucky on this Friday night because there was going to be a group of friends going and Randolph hates to disappoint. We had such a great time dancing, drinking, and listening to great music. Tater had a taste of the local cuisine and seemed to be impressed, so much that he stole my food. He also made friends that night and completely wore himself out.

After the first couple of tantrums we decided it was time to head out but before we did I begged Matthew to let me take the Tater to the water spouts. First of all Clayton hates the idea of a shower so you can just imagine how grateful he was when his lunatic of a mother wanted him to go through the 50 shooting spouts that were spraying cold water. Since he wasn't having it I gave up after I got a few cute photos.

My girl Stevi and I

Its ok mommy if we look from a distance!

Love this sweet boy

my happy family

I tried but he was not bring tricked

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