Saturday, July 23, 2011

Back in April-Tater's 1st Movie;Hop


Ok so the movie really was not the greatest but I really did not care. Uncle Joey was treating the Randolph Creux, his mom, and niece and I all to a movie. I was terribly excited because this would be a first for the little man.

He was so excited to be in a new place. I think he would have been happy just playing in the arcade all day....what two year old wouldn't? When Joey's mom mentioned snacks Kayla(Joeys niece) and Tater hauled booties to the concessions. If you know Clayton then you know that he doesn't say no to food nor does he share for that matter. ;-) I think he gets that from mommy!

They have such a cool little snack tray just for toddlers. A little bag of pahtorn, tandy, and duce! We had to sit in the very front of the theatre and that was not pleasant at all. I really did not understand what they place was this packed for a kids movie but who knows. The movie started and Tater lost all composure. He was amazed at how big the tartoon was and had to tell me everything that he was seeing. I did have a little tear but that is because I am a goober and cry at all his firsts!

Tater got a little antsy at the very end but overall both the kids were great and I was very proud. We hit up the arcade again and then headed home.

Here's to many more movies with my sweet boy!

such a happy moment for father and son

we know now what he really wanted to see lol


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