Friday, July 15, 2011

Another day another application..

Seems like not a day goes by where I am not surfing for careers online or running around town to put in my application.

I've gone to a few staffing agencies including a new oilfield one today. I realize that my day of availability may be an issue for a company but it also shows that I am not being lazy and am only trying to line up my possibilities.

It's been crazy these past few weeks but the best thing is that I am no longer crying! I am a woman on a mission and hope to God that he has something bigger and better in store for my family.

What would you do if you knew you were going to be laid off in November? What methods would you take to acquire a new position?

I have mailed off my resume but the cool thing to do in our time is to fill out applications online. I like and dislike this because this could make or break the interview. If you even get a call.

I don't seem to be as stressed as I was when I first found out about the company lay-off. My daily workouts seem to be beating any weakness I have out of my system. There is no other way to start the day though! I still feel like I may need to go and speak with a professional. I have a lot of anxiety and prior problems that may be good to talk about.

My boss told me that we were suppose to find out about the post for Prudential. You remember the interview I had a while back? Well I have been checking to see if they have updated the post. It still says interview scheduled?!? They are behind I guess and it is stressing my co-worker and myself out.

Well this morning there was no update still so maybe somebody got their information wrong?!?

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