Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Associate, Regulatory Supervision-update

No news is good news...right?!

Well I have no new news except that next week I should get a CALL letting me know yes or no. This whole time everything has been relayed through email and that just sucks. Even if they say no it will feel better coming from a human instead of me reading an email.

I am not nervous and I don't check the job post site 6 times a day anymore. I limited it to checking it twice a day just in case Pru has updated something. You never know!

I have been getting a lot of emails from business people in the community saying that they have received my resume from a few people. A few! Wow! I am really glad my resume is circulating out there and I am hoping that I land something huge.

This week I have two meetings. Both of these meetings are for the sole purpose of getting to know me and more about what I want to do. I am excited because this is much more casual than the ridiculous interviews that I have been a party to thus far.

I think this will be my best shot at a position mostly because if they like me then they can vouch for me and will put my name out there for careers that may not be public.

Please keep me in mind if you know of a position I might be perfect for. I can send you a resume and references.


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