Monday, July 11, 2011

Photobombed and a weekend recap!

The Randolph family had an awesome weekend. Of course; the house was packed with the normal squatters but they are a huge help...most of the times!

Friday, Mr Istre and I hit the movies and left my hubby and the rest of the squatters to their video games. We saw Horrible Bosses and it was amazing. It's a must see! We also tried out a new coffee shop and bumped into an old American Idol contestant.

Saturday morning I hit the gym -hard- with a friend and then home for a quick swim. You know it's not a weekend without pool time. I also love soakin.up.dem.rays! I was all to excited when the squatters and Mr Randolph came to the pool as well. Tater and I are usually by ourselves but it is a real treat when daddy can come and play. Clayton has been needing to show daddy his new swimming skills. We are quite proud of him and scared at the same time. He really has no fear of the water.

Thanks to his Nana and Papaw he has water wings and that calms me a LITTLE.

We spent Saturday night at Picantes, listening to karaoke by Rex. I laughed so hard and shook my lil booty all night. Tater got to spend the night at our friends parents house watching "carcoons" and eating "pahcorn." Overall the night was a success!

Ooooh I almost forgot to tell you that I met one of my best guy friends at a local shoe store on Friday after work. We were there to get my new running shoes. It was a late birthday gift that I can't seem to stop talking about. I felt so special and loved! Also on Saturday my girl Mishy and I went and got a facial. It was intense but I can't wait to go again!

Sunday was much more relaxed. Mr Istre and I hit the gym again then straight to the pool. Mr Randolph joined us again, and to say the least I had a huge smile on my face the while time. Tater went down for a nap and I stayed by the pool. I then headed to my neighbors house who just so happens to be a bestie to watch the last Harry Potter movie. Amazing! I can't wait for the last movie although I will be sad it is over.

For the rest of the afternoon I picked up and relaxed drove the men in the house crazy. So much fun!

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