Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Kickin Chickin?

“Hello guys!” as Tater Man would say.

I have been slacking as far as blogging goes and I don’t count the entries that are just pictures. Those are easy posts. I am going to try and give you the scoop on our family of three as of late.

This past month has been insane with the weather being 50 degrees one day and 75 degrees the next with a lot of rain and sunshine in between. Thankfully (and I am sure I am jinxing myself just for typing it) we have had no sickness this winter. I think the boys had a runny nose for a couple of days but that would be all. It’s amazing!

Mr. Randolph has been killing himself at work and I have had a few lonely nights. I am used to him being home before me at 5:30 p.m. So imagine the shock when for the past couple of weeks he gets home after 7 and if he is home he is working from home on his computer. He is stressed all the time and his mind is always on his work. I understand because this is a multi-million dollar project he is helping lead. I give him big kudos for the process rolling out as smoothly as it has and the hospital will be getting there federal funding.

Tater Man has been a big ball of fun.

1. Music: He sings all the time. ABC’s, Jingle Bells, Old McDonald, etc

2. Politics: Talks about Bobby Jindal?!?!?

3. School: Loves puzzles, Social Butterfly

4. Big Heart: He has lately felt like when he doesn’t see someone for a while (a second) he “losses them.” This is usually followed by him getting to call or skype said peeps.

5. Growing pains are still occurring once or twice a week. No matter how much we rub his legs, knees, and feet it provides him no comfort and we end up having to give him a half a dose of Motrin to take the edge off. It breaks our hearts, but we have excepted that he is going to be a big boy and this is his future.

6. Animals: He is a huge lover of animals and cuddles with our male cat daily. Tater can’t stand our Emo Cat (he renamed her) because she is the spawn of Satan. She is hateful to Tater and I. I would not be sad if she ran away. I lie! I would be sad because Mr. Randolph loves her.

We are trying to stay on track with becoming debt free and it’s so not easy. Set backs are inevitable but we seem to get back on track. Hopefully with this coming tax season we will see many, many, bills be blown away.

Here’s hoping that you are having a great start to your new year!

Like my Mater Teef?


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- First Hunting Trip with Mommy!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


My mom and dad got Tater Man one of the coolest little gadgets and we were able to use it for this past weekends football game. The Saints may have lost their game but we had way to much fun popping our popcorn and even learned a valuable lesson.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


So late in posting but the night was to fun not to store this memory. December was such a crammed month with Christmas Parties and celebrations but there was one very special person that we celebrated.

Our little Miss Sammy turned a year younger and prettier! All of our friends gathered to share this special day at a nice little bar called the Tap Room. We had amazing beer and enjoyed watching the birthday girl get all her new toys.

Sammy has been wanting a little goat for the longest and since she doesn't have a yard with a fence of course that is out of the question. So thankfully she has a new found love for owls and someone was awesome enough to find her a little stuffed owl to love. This doesn't mean I have stopped the hunt for a!

If you are lucky enough to know this little lady then your life would never be same without her or her Sammyisms.

We Love You!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy 2012!

I know this post is a little to late but it is too great to keep these memories to myself!

Mr. Randolph and I have made some wonderfully crazy new friends in 2011 and lets just say they know how to throw a party. I have never been to a themed party much less participated. I guess I always felt that they were silly and I was in no way going to participate.

Well all that changed for the Christmas Party that we had at the beginning of December at the Arnold's house. They thought that they were throwing this very nice white elephant party. WRONG! Our friend Stevi decided to throw this party for a loop. She reached out to all the guest and asked that they attended the party dressed in their best, ugly Christmas sweater or white trash wear for the party.

I WILL NOT be posting pics from that party because....well I don't has too! ;-)!

So I was not shocked when Stevi decided to throw a New Years Eve party and wanted it to be themed. Amongst all the friends and for the rest of December we deliberated over what the theme of the party would be and so "PARTY LIKE IT'S 1989" was born.

We had an incredible time and I am happy to say that Mr. Randolph was Best Dressed!

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