Friday, September 30, 2011


Are you as happy as the Tater Man this Friday Morning? I think NOT!

Nanan got him a shark shirt when she went to Destin. Since the shark does not look vicious Tater Man thinks it's a dolphin!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guest Post: From Father to Son

If you read my earlier post then you know that I had gotten with Mr. Randolph's parents concerning writing a letter to their son for his birthday; which was on the 26th.

The letter below is from his father.

Dear Matthew,

Just a note to say how much I love and adore you as my son. Each time Clayton enters my home and climbs into my lap and hugs me, it reminds me of the fondest days I spent with you. The warmth and love that you generate to me and Maria is so overwhelming. You have made me proud to be your Dad. Every call that is received by me from you is always, “Hey Pop”. That is when I’m reminded I’m your daddy and it makes me so happy. Through all the years of showing all my friends your pictures as the jolly smiling giant that you are always makes me feel good inside. I love you with all my heart and will always cherish the time spent with you.

Happy birthday Son,


Old Pic: Maybe one day Mr. Randolph will write touching letters like this to Tater Man. One can only hope!


Wordless Wednesday:Hero Play

He loves playing with all his new IRON MANS!

Its all apart of the process.

I can't help it!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guest Post: From Mother to Son

Mr. Randolph's birthday  was yesterday and I hatched the idea of having his parents each write a letter to him. He is a very sentimental guy so I know that he will never forget this birthday.

Mr. Randolph turned the big 28 yesterday, old I know! We went to Zeus' for dinner and his parents surprised him with their heart felt letters. Since we all know that paper is out and to make sure you don't lose things you put it on the net somewhere.

My mother-in-law agreed that we should put these letter in my blog so that the Tater Man could read them when he gets older. So here goes:

Dear Matthew,

Today we celebrate your birth, Happy 28th Birthday, my sweet son.  I remember well the morning of your birth like it was yesterday.  I checked into the Lafayette General Hospital the night before and surgery was scheduled for 8:00 the next morning.  I didn't sleep well and was awake most of the night in anticipation of the next day.  The next morning arrived with a very tired Mommy who was prepped for surgery and we were on our way.  I really didn't think your Dad would make it through the surgery because he really does not like needles, but we all made it through just fine. Your delivery only took a few minutes once the doctor started.  I was so excited to see that sweet little face, born on Monday, September 26, 1983 at 8:11 a.m.  You weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and were 21 inches long.

When they handed you to me for the first time, my heart melted.  You were such a beautiful baby!  We were all so excited to welcome you.  Dad went to school to get Jason and we all spent the rest of the day hanging out with you and the many visitors who came.

Many times through the years I wished that time could stand still.  I've enjoyed watching you grow into a Man and sucked up all the memories and moments I could.  As time goes full circle, now is your time to enjoy your family and child.  As I watch you with Clayton, I remember so much the sweetness of your youth and it warms my heart.  You were, and still are, such a gentle heart and he is just like you.  The best advice I can give you is to put everything aside and enjoy your time. Time goes by like a blink but you will always have the memories you made, that I think is how we can make time stand still.

I look forward to spending many more days and memories with you for many years to come.  Thank you son, for all the memories and for being YOU!

I love you,
What a beautiful note and I could not help but shed a tear when I read it for the first time. Thanks again for that sweet note. Mr. Randolph's dad also wrote a letter to him, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to read.

My sister-n-law caught this great picture of Mr. Randolph truly enjoying his life and family.


Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend at the Camp!----a year ago?!

Wow, so I found this year-old post in my drafts. This from Mr Randolph's birthday celebration last year! Better late than never.

The first weekend in October we decided to celebrate Mr Randolph's birthday. Since the weather was beautiful and we took the Friday off we decided to take a three day weekend get out town. Our little family of three, two couples,and two of our friends decided we would go to Mr Randolph's families camp. The drive was only 2.5 hours and Potato did great!

We were ready at 5:30am Friday to start our three day weekend. Joey, had already started his drive at 3am. Way to early for me but he drives a bike and would rather not be on the road with a lot of crazies! One of the little towns just outside of the Enon has a Wild Life Preserve. We wanted to check out the prices and times so we drove in and Potato was all to excited to see all of the Eldafants(deer & ellk)! He was losing his mind.

As we drove up to the camp we saw our favorite sign "Nice and EZ." Potato only had a diaper on at the time because there was an explosion in the backseat on the way. I think he gets motion sick like I do. Anyway I took him out of the carseat and just plopped him in the grass. He was amazed by the huge front yard. Then he took off. Happiness does not explain what I felt.

 After unpacking and deciding where everyone would bunk we all sat outside and enjoyed the weather. Mr Randolph and I ran to the grocery store for supplies. I mean what camping trip can you have without roasted wieners and mooshmellows?! ;-) The boys took the tractor out to gather wood for the fire. Potato did not care to ride the loud. While they gathered wood, Potato and I went and played on the beach.

The water was extremly cold but he did not care. He just kept screaming WHADDA! I swear the child should have been a fish! We made a big fire that night and our two other couples rolled in after a long fight with traffic. It was so nice to see everyone.

The next morning I woke up and started making the mac daddy breakfast. Breakfast ala Kayla consisted of waffles, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, coffee, and apple juice. I have never made so many waffles in my life. Everyone chowed down. Since they weren't able to see anything that night we took them all on a tour of the property and spent a lot of time at the beach.

Mr Randolph and Joey brought a few guns and we did a lot of target practicing. Lets just say I haven't lost my touch. Potato even got in a few rounds. He loves watching his daddy shoot the pow pow. I am going to have to pick him up some shooters muffs (ear protection). We all went to a buffet in town for lunch and then by Saturday night our two couple friends were headed back home.

Then my bestie came in that night.We greeted her with a big bonfire and mooshmellows. Sunday morning was a little bittersweet since it was time to pack up. Afte rwe cleaned up everything and loaded up the car, I had to force the boys to get going. We made it home to watch the Saints win the football game. What an incredible weekend and we can't wait to go back!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

1st Birthday Wishes!-Cheyenne

Dear CC,

Today is the day we celebrate the year of your birth. It has to be the greatest year because you have turned the big number one! Your Uncle and Mauney(as your brother has changed from Auntie) love you so much.

After your morning nap we called you and were so happy to hear you already raising hell on your special day. What are girls supposed to do?! I put you on speaker phone and your uncle and I sang you the birthday song. Mommy says that you were giggling into the phone.

We were sad that we could not spend the day with you on your birthday but we know you had a wonderful celebration with your family. CC you have gotten so big and are growing up to be a beautiful little baby girl. You already have an attitude and can more than stand your ground with your brother and cousin.

I remember the day of your birth and it is an experience I will not too soon forget. I got to see the doctors bring you into the world and I can honestly say I felt God touch my heart when you took your first breathes.

Baby girl, we love you so much and wish you the best for the next year. Please don't rush it!

It's my party!

And I'll cry if I want to!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

1st Birthday wishes!

Today marks a very special day for a very sweet baby boy! Last year we celebrated the birth of my beautiful nephew Aiden (Gecko). So sad that our families are so far apart and I can't give him big hugs and kisses today.

Aiden Auntie and Uncle want you to know that you mean SO much to us and that we hope you have a wonderful first birthday, big boy. Tater says he can't wait to see you again, but hopes that you like to play trucks, trains, planes, and dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday Gecko!!!!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lion King in 3D

I was a bad mother and drug my son out on Sunday night to see a movie. I blame it on his Nanny, it was her idea anyways! We were going to see one of my all time favorites when I was growing up, Lion King, but it was in 3D.

I could really careless if a movie is in 3D or not but for Tater's first experience, it worked out great! Did you know that babies get into the theatre for FREE. Yeah I did not realize that. We should be dragging Tater to more movies now that we know this pertinent information.

Well it never fails, when I watch this movie and Mufasa dies, I cry. I looked over and I believe my heart broke a little more when I saw the Tater with his head down with very big sad eyes. This was the first time that Tater watched a cartoon with a character death. I immediately grabbed his hand and told him that it was ok. I mean, what the hell else would you say?!?!

Thankfully that part of the movie did not last long! The rest of the movie we spent it laughing and pointing out the big YIYONs and munkeys. The movie ended and Tater was soooo not happy. He wanted to stay and watch it again, and again, and again. I told him daddy would get him the movie so that he could watch it anytime he likes. All smiles!

I can't wait until the next movie with Tater.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend recap!

I have been told that my house is always hopping and/or full of energy. This was certainly the case this weekend, with a little relaxation thrown into the mix.

Friday night.....Oh that's right, Friday night we went to my SIL's house for dinner. She made an awesome meal of meat-rice-n-gravy, with mac-n-cheese. I had seconds, of course! I asked for the recipe since I can't make a meat-rice-n-gravy to save my life. She told me that my brother made it earlier in the week. Bummer, he won't give me the secret!

Mr. Randolph and I got to hug and love on our beautiful nephew and niece for a while then headed home. We had a house full of guests waiting for us. SQUATTERS! LOL! I love'em. The video games kicked in and I scooted upstairs with Tater. He watched Shark Tales for the millionth time and I found some mind numbing movie on the man-hating-channel(Lifetime).

Saturday! I was up with the chickens...cheep-cheeps. One in particular was begging for a nut butter sammich, lovely! I rolled out of bed to serve my little bird his nut butter breakfast. Oh don't forget the yelly mommy. Hmmm! I believe I was still asleep.

A few of the squatters went to work while a few were sleeping on the couch. This day we were going to celebrate our friend J. Istre. He turned 25 and gained the old man status. Before I started my day I had coffee with a few of my girls and then started my day of running around town.

It seemed like I was playing a part in a horror flick. Tater was the monster that was out to get me. I can only blame myself because I took him out of his routine by omitting his nap. Yeah, stupid! Never gonna happen again. My SIL, with her kids, Tater and I ran to a few stores. We had a few birthday gifts to grab. September is a packed month. J Istre-17th, nephew/Gecko-22nd, niece/CC-25th, and Mr Randolph on the 26th.

Mr Randolph's birthday presents have already been taken care of along with planning a little get-together. As for the rest I got an outfit for the Gecko(which I need to mail soon), Tinkerbell play tent and camo shoes for CC, and gift card for Istre(Radio Shack is his crack!) After my horrible few hours of shopping I had enough and took Tater home for his nap.

J Istre and I went and watched The Help.  It was a great movie but not near as good as the book! After the movie we headed to the grocery store for cookie cake and oucecream. A few more people made it too the house and we sang the b-day song to the man of the day. We love J Istre so much and really hope we made him feel special on his day!

Sunday, ugh! The little bird I told you about earlier, remember him. Yeah he was up at 6am! Are you kidding me kid?!?! Thankfully I did not have to make breakfast or coffee. It was already prepared, thanks to one of my favorite squatters!

I didn't do much during the day except clean and lay in bed. I tried to get in a nap but my phone would not stop ringing or bleeping. It really almost went out the damn window. Sunday night Nanny Wheazy, Tater, and I went to see the Lion King in 3D. It was incredible and Tater loved it. He could have stayed and watched it a few more times.

Overall the weekend was a hit and I am still alive to tell the tale. Happy Monday folks!


Friday, September 16, 2011

Flashback Friday...

I miss your gummie smile!

I miss your soft curls and I will take your Auntie Sam-mee-mee's advice next baby with NO hair cuts!

I wish you still needed me this much!

Oh I still get loads of this!

I love being a mommy but sometimes I feel like this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I knew I was a mommy when.....

My friend Natalie at The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom did a cute post about little ism's our children do to make us feel like mommies.

I witnessed one first hand the day I read the blog. Fate?!

Our afternoons are pretty routine otherwise this mommy loses her mind loses some of her alone time. It's amazing how precious we treasure the hour or two we get after the family is fed, house is descent, and every is bathed. I don't like to rush through my precious time with the Tater man but I was doing laundry.

It's like a treasure hunt doing laundry at my house. The Tater and Mr. Randolph are the best magicians and hiding their dirty clothes, under the bed, mixed with clean clothes, in the bed, and trickling down the stairs. My laundry days have me running around jerking dirty clothes off of warm bodies so I can do one less load later in the week.

While running around I realized that it was Tater's bath time and his favorite time of the night, not counting, dinner, tartoons, and teeth bushing. What I failed to realize is that Tater did not care I was doing laundry. He heard bath and hauled ass to the bathroom.

I started my loads of laundry and ran to the bathroom because I knew Tater was waiting patiently to go swimming. Yeah right!!!! The picture below shows you what I found.

Don't you love being a mother? I do! One look at those sweet eyes and big cheese and all I could do was giggle and give him sweet kisses.

I love being a mother!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sleepy Po Po

Remember the last time we met the Po Po?

It's amazing how fast they grow!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Art Walk- September 10th

Mr. Randolph and I spent most of Saturday "cleaning" house. We had a load of things to go to Goodwill, Tater's Daycare, trash, storage, and some things for my sister-n-law. I just feel so much better with having the house a little lighter.

Then we did some relaxing because we planned on heading downtown for Artwalk. Mr. Randolph was very happy to find out that our friends, the Stanton's, were joining us. If you know my husband, you know that the Artwalk is not his thing and that large crowds bother him. Randolph is a big guy so he doesn't like people crowding him.

We also had the nice treat of bumping into my in-laws. I have told you several times that my MIL is very creative and artsy-fartsy. VERY! This monthly event is definitely her scene and since her hubby was in from work he was checking all the art out as well.

I thought that we had bumped into all the people we knew already until we found out that Mr. Randolph's, Nanny Sissy, was in town for the musical section of the Artwalk. Sissy plays the fiddle and did very well.

Our little family of three got to participate in some artsy activities. The Lafayette Children's Museum had several booths set up for kids. Tater got to create a masterpiece all his own. I will be searching for a frame! There was a big bubble area but we weren't able to get into that but it will happen next month.
Tater and I playing chalk.

After all the fun of walk the Nana, Papaw, Tater, Mr. Randolph, and I headed to Agave for some incredible food. We gorged ourselves, of course. I had the fish tacos which were a million times better than what I had at Bud and Alley's Taco Bar. I do believe Cajuns just make it better!

Watching airplanes on the phone, at Agave's.

We wrapped up all the fun downtown and headed home. Tater ended up going to spend the night at his Nana and Papaw's. Mr. Randolph and I knew this would happen because if it didn't Tater would have had a mental breakdown. He loves them a little bit. Our friends the Stanton's ended up meeting us at the house to watch a movie and carry on the adult beverages. I ended up dozing on and off through the movie. I am a bad friend I know but it was 1 am and this little momma was flippin exhausted!

Gorgeous huh?!?!

Until the second Saturday of October....


Monday, September 12, 2011

New Painting

Its been a while since I have posted about a new painting. As you can tell I am very much a beginner but I am still VERY proud of all that I have done. Thankfully I have a great teacher, my mother-in-law. She rocks and is a great inspiration because she is still going to art classes and learning new things.

My first painting was a gift to a friend that I completed at Painting with a Twist. I do believe this is what created my painting bug. I used to take art classes in school but never got to paint. We mostly did sketches and worked with pastels.

Some of my older paintings I learned a great deal along with getting some courage to do my own thing. I don't really like being unsupervised while I paint. I get very stressed and tend to panic when I think things are going wrong. There have been a few times where I toss the canvas completely. Then there are times where I white it all out and start over.

The last painting I did was back in February for a friends birthday. I grabbed the idea off of Etsy and made it my own. She really enjoys the painting and it is proudly displayed in her home. I think it brings me more joy to give my paintings to my friends because I know that they really appreciate them.  

I did do one as a Christmas gift for a friend and I do believe I am most proud of how it turned out. This painting is sentimental mostly because of the appreciation and thought that went into creating it. It was definitely the most difficult one and the one that took the most time. I was in no rush!

I completed one last night that is really different than what I am used to. I have noticed that I really don't have a certain style. I like to dabble in all things from abstract to landscapes. It looks really simple and I thought it would have been because I found the idea on Pinterest. Since I did not use spray paint mine was a lot more time consuming and difficult. It also did not help that the painters tape I used did not keep the paint from bleeding under. I am sure it didn't have anything to do with the glass of red wine I was enjoying during the process! I had to do a lot of touch-ups, but it turned out great! At least I think so.....


Friday, September 9, 2011

Summer Vacation: Florida Entry 2

The next few days seem like a blur so thankfully I took pictures like a crazed lunatic. Even though I have my camera on my hip it never stops me from having fun. My pictures help me save that toothy grin, leap of joy, moments of peace and quiet, and sheer attitude. When you look at the obscene few pictures I selected you will understand why this momma will always  have her camera, ready to freeze each moment of our lives.

Moving on......

From Monday to Wednesday early afternoon the Randolph's and Krom's spent their waking hours either at the beach or at the pool. We did not venture from there unless naps or food was needed. Sarah and I had no desire to go grocery shopping AT ALL and let Nana & Auntie Joanie handle all that mess.

The Adajio had four pools, one next to the beach and three in the center of all the buildings. The three in the middle seem to always have lots of friends to play with plus nice shade from the sun for my pale face relatives. I do love them!

Tater enjoyed the pool so much and I love his little Cars glasses. Since this vacation Tater has grown to love "Liden Mutween" (Lightening McQueen).

Getting him to sit still long enough for a picture was nearly impossible but he always gives into his momma from time to time. I mean I am the one holding the juice and cheerios!

Most afternoons were spent cuddling and relaxing. The sun really does drain every once of want out of you.....that's why we ate.....ALOT! Did I mention that in a 3 day period there were two grocery trips. I guess those babies kept eating all of our food?!

The next morning would come and we were on the beach.

Since sand and Gecko's don't mix really well that meant that the beach trips were short and the pool would be our landing spot. My nephew, in the bumble bee, would get so relaxed in his bee that he would fall asleep.  Got to love those self sufficient little boys!

On this afternoon we tried to go for a nice walk on the beach. The walks were always much shorter than what I wanted but that is because an 11-month-old was tired and the 2-year old had much better things to do with his time. Tater would try and catch the crabs that were brave enough to be out before dark or he was start on the first of many sand castles mountains.

Beach mornings...

Pool afternoons....

I did what I do best, read and tan. I was the ONLY one catching the rays. It just makes me feel yummy!

Then there were baths and cuddles.

Only to get dirty again when hunting crabs!

Then time to eat.....again!

One of my favorite pictures!

Wednesday night my sister-n-law and sweet nephew arrived. All the daughters spent the afternoon catching up and drinking...duh. We had to prepare ourselves for the next day of fun and then two of the hubbies joined the party!

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