Sunday, November 2, 2008

Potato's Birth Story

Sunday, November 2, 2008, was quite a busy morning for Mr. Randolph and I. Who would have known that on this day we would finally meet our little man?

Matthew and I were sleeping in and of course we were dreading the following Monday because it was the start of another work week. We were lounging in bed and had no plans for the day. I was a huge 230 lb momma that was miserably pregnant. Matthew decided to fuss at Tater this morning because he had been incubating long enough in my belly. His official due date was October 30 and 3 day overdue was just 3 days to long.

Matthew put his head on my belly like he did on a regular basis and since Tater was also not a morning person he was not moving around just yet. After a few nudges from Matthew; I started to feel lil man flipping and getting pissed that he was being woken up before he was ready. When his daddy felt he got his attention he started to fuss.

Matthew said, “Clayton, son its Sunday and it’s about time you come out of there! Your mommy is really tired and we would love to see your beautiful face today. If you come out then daddy will have a lot longer off of work to spend with you, so why don’t you just come on out of there!”

I guess Clayton was listening and while Matthew relaxed on his pillow we heard and I felt a huge kick and then POP! It was so loud Matthew sat up real quick and looked at me with a very worried look. I writhed in pain a little bit and had to shoot out of bed for an emergency potty.

I did not make it to the bathroom and ended up soaking a pair of Matthew’s basketball shorts. These shorts were so big on me they looked like pants but at this time in my pregnancy it was all I wore. I yelled for a clean pair of his shorts. When I stood up to go back to bed I ended up drenching the second pair of Matthew’s basketball shorts. OOOPS! We were still laughing at this point because this was the worst of all the accidents I had the whole pregnancy.

After going through 3 more pairs of shorts I just decided to sit on the toilet for the rest of the day! Well after a few minutes nothing was coming out. I thought it was safe, and then I leaned forward to try and stand up. Squirt! WTF is what I am thinking. I sat back down and Matthew sat on the floor of the bathroom. We figured out that every time I leaned forward a little liquid would come out. Hmm?

It was a light bulb went off in both of our heads. My water broke…but not really. Eventually we found out that when the Tater kicked he must have cracked the top of my water bag. Exciting!

We called the doctor and the on call doctor said to get to the hospital. Well since the doctor wasn’t enough we called my best friends mom to make sure of what we should do. She laughed at us and told us to listen to the damn doctor and go to the hospital.

I threw on Matthews last pair of basketball shorts and wrapped myself in about 4 bath towels and got in the Crown Vic to head to the hospital. On the way there I made Matthew pull over and get me a zero bar and a diet coke. They weren’t going to let me eat when I got to the hospital so I NEEDED something. The hubby thought I had truly lost my mind but being the good husband he is he obliged and I got my candy bar and crack lol.

We made it to the hospital and that is where the real fun began. It was pretty traumatizing from then on and I try not to remember this part of the story. I can’t even watch the birth video.

The nurse finished bursting the bag, which is really just gross! I got my epidural because I wanted to be in no pain. No such luck because when the real pain started low and behold the damn meds wore off. Hello natural labor.!!! Then come to find out that we could not get the doctor in to get me another shot for a long time. There was wailing and all my body parts were out there for the world to see. Yep the world. My room was packed with family and friends and my hoohah was out there too. Do you think I cared? NOPE!

Well after a few hours and a lot of pain Taters heart rate kept dropping. I had only made it to 8 cm and holding. The doctor started to panick and it was time to have a c-section. YAY!

My grandmother and Matthew suited up for the surgery room. She videoed and he did his best to keep from turning green. I got another epidural at some point but yet again it either wore off but did not take this go around. This meant that felt the cutting of my belly along with all the tugging of the fat man out of my belly. One of the reasons I can’t watch the video is because I was screaming the whole time. Ahh!

The only thing that mattered to me was hugging and kissing my son before they put me out of my misery. When they pulled him out the doctor started sewing and stapling everything. I felt that all as well. They finally got little man over there for me to count all his fingers and toes and hugs and kisses.

The anesthesiologist shot me up with medicine and it was lights out for me.

I woke up a couple of hours later and I knew all that pain was worth it. God blessed me with a beautiful son and made us a family of three!


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  1. Okay.. This is crazy.. I had the same no-epidural-for-my-section experience. But my little man was tangled in his cord and took an entire hour to get him out. They had to give me nitrous oxide to get me through it. Then once they got him out they gave me a large dose of pain meds through my iv to find out a few mins later that my iv had come out sometime during the section but they weren't sure when so they couldn't give me anymore pain meds. I couldn't handle the closing up and cauterizing part so they put me out and sent the baby to the NICU. I didn't get to see him til the next afternoon.


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