Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday sun...and a belly button!

This weekend has been so great! My Mr and I got to go out with a couple friends do dinner and rounded out the night with pool and drinks. We love Mr and Mrs G so much! I slept in a little while then I headed to Maurice too see Nana and Potato. Nana and Papaw bought Clayton an unfinished toy box and that was the project for Saturday. Nana learned quickly that I am no pro at staining wood and had to fix my booboo. She claims that is wasn't my fault but I giggle and say sure. While we were trying to fix it Potato decided he needed a brush to paint with and Nana has plenty of those. He painted everything from his car to us. He had a blast and tired himself out! There is a lot more to do to it before we can bring it home but I just can't wait to have this piece of furniture to show off. Claytons Toy Box Unfinished From Louises Real Wood Furniture Store.

Sunday is here and we did a whole lot of relaxing and watching old NFL Superbowls reels. It's a sure way to a good nap! Daddy likes to watch so we try to make him happy. Well we were so relaxed that I took Clayton's pj top off so he could run around being half nakey and he loves to be any kind of nakey : )! Well he looked down and there was this litte whole thing with a little knobbey thing sticking out and that is just a bowl of laughs everytime you touch "The Button!"

I tried to download the video but it never would upload so if anyone has pointers I am all ears!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Memory Lane...

Who would have thought that a year ago our little Potato looked so much like a potato! I miss all of his rolls so much. I miss kissing each fat chunk. I miss how he used to need me for everything, moving, eating, translating etc. I do miss all of these things but I would not trade what I have now. I love that Clayton can get around like a wild man and pull out all my pots and pans to perform for his daddy and me. He has finally conned me into letting him feed himself with a spoon. After refusing to eat because mommy was holding the spoon. Such a big boy! As far as the translating goes....well our Potato makes it very clear what he wants and if you hang out around him long enough you don't need a translator. The puckering of the lips followed by blowing and eye squinting means you are doing a no no and mommy is going to fuss you! He blows kisses to his loved ones by putting the palm of his hand to his mouth and pulls it away while saying "MUAH!" When it is time for his favorite guests to leave he always waves bye bye. He has become a little babbling machine. I do miss all of the old memories but we make new ones each day!

I know that they grow faster and faster as time goes by but maybe by blogging it will help me go back and look at the trillions of pictures taken of our tator.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Teetoring Tator!

Week is over and the weekend is here...thank God! Potato, Mr, and myself have started on our family resolutions. Clayton loves to be outside so every chance we can we go walk around our complex and let him explore. I wish we did not live in a condo and had a yard, but I don't think he cares or notices for that matter. Oh I almost left out that he has finally mastered getting up from a sitting/crawling position without have to pull up on something first. My Mr called me at work freaking out the first time he saw Clayton do his trick.

These pictures are from our adventures outside. I sent them to my sister-in-law and she worked her magic on them. She turned them into master pieces. Got to love that girl!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heroic Husband Alert!

It's days like today that I count my blessings that Matthew is in my life. I had such a rough day at work. We have a couple of new managers and their motto is "We can change the world!" That motto secretly means...we are going to work our employees to the bone.

So at 5 o'clock when I sit in my car to drive home my whole body slumps thinking that now I have to go home and clean the house. I usually can't wait to get home to see my little man and play. Today was not that day...I know that sounds bad. With both of my men being sick that leaves all of the duties to me and that is just no fun. Well I get home and throw on my jammies and straight to the kitchen to make supper. Tacos in the belly and a Potato completely covered in mac n cheese and a little vomit of course : ( ....I start my clean up routine. Then Mr says the magic words "HONEY WHAT CAN I DO FOR YOU?!?!?" I felt my body melt in gratitude.

I want to dedicate this post to my best friend and long life partner. I love you!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2009....where did you go?!

I can't believe that we are in the year 2010. Seems like time is going faster as I get older. I had a wonderful year in 2009. The best parts were my nephews being born and my baby tearin up his 1st birthday cake!

Potato is ONE! November 2, 2009



Sick boys all around!

I know you just have to love when everyone in your family starts dropping like flies to the cold. HMM. Well I hate it. Clayton has been sick for the past 6 days and I am so over the common cold. I know we can't stop the common cold but if I could I would strap on my super momma outfit, tights and all, so that I could stop it from getting around. Clayton has only been sick 3 times his whole 14 months of life. I think that is pretty good. Well to top everything off Matthew started getting the scratchy throat a day ago and I was buying medicine today. I guess I have a great immune system because I don't really get sick or maybe its the fact that mommies subconciously know that they are not allowed to get sick. We are put on this earth to take care of everyone around us and that is what I do. Well that is all I have for today and hopefully I will become more eloquent in my writing if not I am sorry that you must read LOL!
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