Monday, January 31, 2011

Learning our Shapes!

Matthew and I have been working with Clayton on his colors, numbers, and abc's. Well I was at work and figured I would start making a few learning games for him. I was pretty impressed that Clayton was able to play with it a few times today and knew what he was doing.
I am a very proud mommy and even more happy that I was able to get this moment on tape!


Friday, January 28, 2011

My first painting!

A few friends and I went to Painting with a Twist one night and that is where I got the painting bug! I love it and it is truly relaxing.

I gave this Fleur de Lis to one of my besties and it couldn't have meant more to anyone.


Won, Tooooo, Fweee, Fore, Fibe, siiiiiix....

I met my mom and I had to do some grocery shopping last Saturday so we packed Potato up and headed for Wally.

Mom and I are not allowed to share a buggy from now on but this shopping trip will forever be a special moment in my heart.

The buggy was over flowing and and Clayton was sitting in the front of the buggy making sure to rearrange and occasionally throw groceries out of the basket while we were walking down the isle. It was pretty funny for him to watch mommy and maw catch all the loot.

We rounded the isle and I hear little whispers of numbers but I don't pay attention. Well after the third time I heard the reciting of numbers I looked down to see Potato with a Cheerio box. He was taking his little fat finger and pointing at the loops on the box. Then he would say Won, Toooo, Fweee, Fore, Fibe, sssixxx!

I flipped out 'quietly' because I did not want him to notice that mommy was about to have an emotional moment. I lightly tapped my mom's arm to get her attention. She and I were the first ones to hear Tater count! It was a very special moment to share and then I Wal-Mart....! I didn't give a rats ass either.

I pulled out my phone and sent a text message to Clayton's, Nanny and Parrain. They were so proud. Thankfully Tater did some counting later that day just for daddy.

Its moments like this that show me that I have fully embraced the mommy gene and I was built for this job. Its a full-time position and I don't mind putting in the over-time!!!!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nursemaid's Elbow

It wasn't even a week after the stitches that we were back in the ER. Ah but this is not a place this mommy loves. I know that with the little boy I am sure to be there much more than I would like.

My little nephew is much more accident prone and really just a lot more brave than Clayton is and still it's my little man that seems to always end up in the hospital. Anyways....

Hubby, Potato, and I decided that we would go to Best Buy and use the gift certificates we got for Christmas. Everything with Potato was fine.....until we get to the check out line. He was very sleepy and generally was DONE with shopping. I held his hand and he did the normal two-year-old thing and leaned away from me while we were waiting in line. I just kept holding on to his hand. We finally made it to the cashier and Clayton got very much so that Matthew picked him up and held him until we could get to the car. He fell asleep while walking to the car and all the way home.

When we got home we put him to bed and everything seemed very normal. A few hours later Clayton woke up and was whining a little. I went upstairs to get him so that we could change and head out to my moms. When I picked him up he WAILED. I had never heard him scream like that and I instantly had the stomach flips and knew something was very wrong. I ran him down stairs and got Matthew's attention. I told him that Clayton's shoulder felt like it had popped out of joint.

No time was wasted as we flew to the hospital. I did not even put Clayton in his car seat since every time his arm was moved he would wail in pain. We made it to the hospital and unfortunately the line was longer than last time. We had to wait entirely to long which was probably 10 minutes! Thank goodness that we had a nurse friend that worked there and she hussled to check out Clayton. She said that it did not look like a should displacement but leaned more towards whats called a "Nursemaid's Elbow."

The ER doctor confirmed that it was nurses elbow and after THREE felled attempts at putting it back in place the on call pediactric orthopedist. Thank God for him! He pinned a very frightened Tater against the wall, rotated his arm and it was almost instant that Clayton was fine.

He told us that it is very common for this age group and it very easily done. It could have happened while Clayton was napping. Crazy right?!?! Well Matthew and I figured it could have been when he was leaning away from me while we were at Best Buy. Can't tell you how horrible of a mother I felt just thinking that I may have helped the injury occur. I am still broken hearted.

Clayton has not had this happen again and lets just say we will be doing everything in our power to make sure he does not hyperextend his arm again.


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A stitch in time.....

A couple days before Christmas I got a phone call at work from Potato's daycare. I am never happy when I get those because I always think that something happened. Well I was right when I heard the director's sentence, "Hi Mrs. Randolph, we finally stopped the bleeding......."
Um.....(Dumb founded horror struck and sudden heart pounding!)
When I asked what happened she told me that Potato and another boy were playing with some trucks when all of a sudden the other boy decided to ram the truck into Potato's face! Yeah.... his FACE! The director nor the teachers did not know exactly what happened. Well that excuse did not work for hubby or me!
I called my husband and told him that I was leaving work to go and get Potato. He was already at home for the day. When I made it to the daycare I found that my son's lip was split wide open. I am not a queasy person but this had my stomach flipping. I grabbed him and started for the car not even caring that the director was trying to talk to me. I really didn't care what she had to say in the first place.
Hubby met me at the hospital and thankfully we got to try out the new pediatric unit and had no waiting! The dr was perfect and Potato did great....even when they put him in the straight jacket. He was so curious about all of the instruments and liquids that the dr was playing with. Well the calmness turned into a full blown panic attack when they placed a sheet over his face with a hole where his mouth was to be. Thankfully the dr worked quickly with the stitch.
I, of course, was crying. This mommy can handle her own when I have to but with hubby there to make it all better my emotions flowed.
Clayton almost immediately stopped crying when they took the sheet off of his face. To our happy surprise Santa and his elves her roaming around. Clayton was not into Santa but the 6 ft gorgeous Elves were allowed to come in the room and give him his Build-A-Bear Santa Bear. I swear the boy already has some smooth moves.
Well since the daycare could not produce any good reasons to why NO ONE saw ANYTHING we decided that he was no longer attending. He spent a week at my parents and a week at hubbies rents. Now Tater is in his new daycare....its PERFECT! more later....

This is a few days after and it looks tremendously better. Don't you just feel sorry for him?!?! Love that beautiful face!

Wordless Wednesday!-- Love my niece and brother!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Favorite Family Photo!

I have so absent from my family blog. No excuses! I just wasn't feeling it. Potato is turning into such a character and definitely asserting his independence and I laugh as I say his dominance over things!

These photos are from the 3 out of four Christmas' we had this year. It was a very crazy year and of course all the babies were spoiled rotten!

I have to say I have a new favorite photo! I know its not perfect but it's pretty darn close! I love it's imperfection because it shows just how crazy and on the move our little family of three is.

I know Hubby will love love this picture as will Tater Man when he gets older. Although it looks like Tater took a swing at daddy it was really him trying to break away from the picture taking. He was so not into it since his cousin was running around!
Christmas morning was spent with our Thevis' family! I made a big breakfast and had a great time!
Christmas at my parents house! How nice to be by a beautiful fire!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

National Guard Tribute!

For my big bro! Mr T!

Wordless Wednesday: Little PJ's

I had to post this memory of a Lil Potato in his lil pj's!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Anniversary Shipley!

I wanted to say Happy Anniversary to two people that mean everything to my family. We love Mr T and Dr Shipley so much.

We watched Mr T as he searched for the perfect woman. He found Cinderella over a year ago. All though this past year found Mr T overseas fighting for our country their love did not falter. Dr Shipley had a serious test placed on that not many deserve in their life much less for the first year of marriage. To be without your husband for the honeymoon part of your life is a terrible thought. She persevered!

Dr Shipley came to be a sister to me and we all love her dearly. Now that her hubby is home a permanent glow is on her face.

Love you both!

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