Thursday, July 21, 2011

Eaton Wedding

Last post for March! I know......

One of my old church buddies got married a while back and I decided that the Randolph's would get all gussied up and go have a good time.

The wedding was beautiful and thankfully short. We did not have to fuss at Tater too much as he was a perfect little gentleman too busy scoping out the flower girls. Thankfully just because he didn't know why he didn't get to throw fowers and they did?!?!

My mom was working her magic taking photos for the bride and groom. I found it haliarious that her shots were way better than the paid photographer! Hmmm. Lets just say the bride was not at all happy that she did not book momma in time for the wedding. She was still excited that momma did get the shots she could.

I am a camera whore so each and every time I can get free family photos out of my mom I get them! I really enjoy these shots even if we forgot that Mr. Randolph's new glasses turn into shades in the sunlight. They have such sweet smiles that I can't get enough of!



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