Saturday, July 31, 2010

Munchie Mug: Product Reivew & Giveaway

  • Potato and I were completely ecstatic when we seen the little brown box squeezed tight in our mailbox. I mean who wouldn't be?! After I pick up Potato from day-care he helps me check the mail and well he called dibs on the box before I could even get to it, thankfully it was for him. So like the big boy he carried it all the way to the house. I have to admit his Mommy was too excited herself. DH shook his head at our silliness but I know that he couldn't wait to see what had arrived.

    Hot dog! The three of us huddled around the little box while I opened. We let Potato do the honors though:

  • I do believe that Witty Works Inc. has made a product that makes Potato and Mommy super happy. So far I have let Potato use it in the car, store, his room, and I have not had to worry about finding his snack shaken out all over the place. When we travel I threw the stay fresh lid on and tossed the whole mug in my purse. I was a little worried about cleaning but I followed the instructions and threw it in the dishwasher only to find it was perfect and ready for another snack!

    Please go to the Muchie Mug website for more information.


    * Secure Screw-On Top with Easy Grip Handle
    * Soft fabric closure for sensitive little hands
    * Easy to clean: Top Rack Dishwasher Safe
    * Great for healthy snacking: Cereals, dried fruits, crackers, etc.
    * Additional stay-fresh lid included for keeping snacks fresh when mug is not in use
    * Economically friendly: Made in the United States of America
    * Child friendly: Made of all FDA food grade compliant materials
    * Environmentally friendly: Made of 100% recyclable materials & eliminates waste created by plastic snack baggies that are used once and thrown away. Use the Munchie Mug, again, again, and again!!!

    If you would like to win one of your own:

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This giveaway will end on August 6, 2010 at 10:00 pm EST. or Potato will select the winner. I will contact you by email (please post with comments if it is not on your profile). You will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is picked. Good luck!

I would like to send a special thank you to Phil at Witty Works Inc. for providing the review and giveaway items! I was not compensated in any other way and the statements within this post are of my own and honest opinions.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Potato SKYPES?!?!

I was upstairs blogging and watching Potato play when my computer started ringing! I was excited! I knew that sound but I could not see who was calling: Mr T, Dr Shipley....who?

DR. SHIPLEY! I hurried and answered and her pretty face popped up on the screen. Potato all but took my legs out because he heard her talking. I put the computer on the ground so he could talk to his Auntie.

Potato misses her so much and since he is new to Skype he had to find out like mommy that you can't reach out and touch the people on the screen. He kept knocking the camera off because of his kisses and fist bumps. He is also working on his typing skills. I guess he will have his own blog soon. He has a lot to say.

Dr Shipley always seems to bring a huge smile to Potato. He was not happy when it was mommy and daddies turn to talk. I am saying it nicely when I say that the boy had a mental break down. I distracted him with a quesadilla and juice.

If you have family that lives far I highly recommend getting Skype. It's FREE!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Friday is HOPPIN day!

I so love the weekends! I actually love Friday work days as well. Is that weird? Oh well.

The real reason why I love Fridays is because I get to see Potato's art work that he did during the week at school. I have seriously fallen behind on posts about his schooling.

Soooo.... I can just tell you that he shines at school. He is teachers pet STILL. I swear they let that boy get away with murder and I think that is feeding the terrible two syndrome. I have a problem. I can't seem to throw any of the art away. I mean ANYTHING. Potato could scribble on a piece of paper and I just feel the need to keep it. I know he forgets it 2 seconds after he is done but to me its a work of art. My baby did this and I want to paste it on the damn wall!

Well DH and I have worked out a process as soon as I can no longer see the front of the refrigerator then I must rotate the art. I came up with a wonderful idea! So that I don't feel bad about tossing out these masterpieces I send them out to our loved ones. All I can say is that now everyone is chomping at the bit to have a piece by Pablo Picasso. P.S. that is his sir name for his art. LOL! I know I'm a genius!

I love being able to go to our friends and families houses and end up seeing Pablo Picasso streaked across their fridge, and some in frames. Swear the boy has a following! What do you do with your tots works of art?

I am hopping up down cause it's FRIDAY! I hope everyone has a great weekend! Please leave me a comment with your blog link so I can return the love!

Build and Grow-UFO

I posted about my Saturday earlier in the week but just in case you missed it!

Ok after my little hell on earth we all loaded up and headed to Lowe's Home and Gardening for our Build and Grow session. It was totally cool that we were building a UFO. It had blinking lights and stickers.......I had a hard time containing myself. This build I wanted to be extremely special because Mr. Airforce/Uncle Richey was going to do the build with Potato.

Mr. Airforce has been in for a couple weeks and we have gotten to spend so much quality time with him, and well it's an understatement to say that he has been the highlight of Potato's days. He will be leaving in a couple days for ALASKA. Yep I said ALASKA! His base is located there and he is more than ready to go and live in the beautiful weather.

I can't believe that I have watched this child grow up for a little brat in his early teens to a grown terd that he is today. He is very special to our family of three and we will miss him dearly. DH is going to be building him a computer and we will get him set up on Skype so that Potato can talk to him. Did I tell you how much I love skype and how much it helps when your loved ones are not close enough.

I am trying not to cry as I think about my little brother leave.

When we went to visit him at boot camp he got an Air Force bear. It's adorable but I don't want to seem biased so I better get an Army Bear soon!

Anyways so drying tears and back to the build.....

Pop also joined us at Lowe's. He is a master carpenter, no lie, and was all to excited to watch his g-babe build a UFO. He also had to help out Ms Fumy and Kelon. It was pretty funny since Fumy comes to these builds half asleep. Not everyone can be a perky morning person like I!

Potato (or Pomatoe as Kelon would say) had a blast and really concentrated on his sticker placement. All in all a great build. I can't wait for the next one!

Mr. Airforce, Potato, Kelon & Fumy

Potato had to step in and make sure Ms. Fumy was doing it right.

Potato Mr Airforce & Pop

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Mad Potato!

Ok so our morning routine now is that DH takes Potato to day-care and I pick him up in the afternoons. It makes me so freaking ECSTATIC to see him after a long day at work. Well the morning of the phone call Potato did not get to ride with daddy. Apparently he had been harboring bad feelings and decided DH should know just how he felt.

Note to self.....don't piss the Potato off!

Wordless Wednesday:Crazy Hair Day @ School

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The scoop on.....Pooootato!

Ah but Saturday morning started out with a bang and not the good kind. Potato was ready to play at 7:30 AM and mommy was not. Strike one! I got up and turned on his light in his room, put the baby gate up to the stairs, and headed back to bed. Unfortunately I am not the kind of person that can fall back to sleep after I wake so I just laid in bed and listened to Potato play trucks.

I should have realized something was wrong when it got a little quiet and he wasn't running up and down the hallway bringing me toys and kisses. DH is a very heavy sleeper so there was no way I was getting him up to go and check on Potato. I rolled out of bed..pouting the whole way....and what do you think I found?

While walking down the hallway I seen two big balls of something. I cursed a little thinking that the cat's had hurled on the floor and my eyes were not even working enough for me to clean that mess up. I kept going to find Potato laying in his bed (strange) and to my surprise his diaper was not on.....Ah if you are following me then you KNOW what I found in the hallway. By this time I was wishing it was cat vomit. No such luck!!!!

In shock and now WIDE awake and started running around(making sure to dodge the Potato droppings) trying to clean up. I started hollering for Matthew to get up and start a bath. He fumbled around and finally realized what was happening. I tossed Potato in the water and headed back to the room only to find it smooshed all over. Lovely....

I am sorry this all seems a little graphic for you but I will have a few suffer along with me in the thought lol. At least you did not have to clean it all up. Lets just say I hope this does not happen again.

So this morning at 7:30 AM I hear him pattering around. It was my turn for morning kisses so he rounds the bed and says "Pee pee, Poo poo!" I flew out of bed.....he still had his diaper on :-)! There is a God! I went and changed him and passed him off to his daddy. I guess he is almost ready for a big boy potty. Not so sure I am.

Thankfully 10 AM rolled around and it was time to head to Build and Grow. Blog to come.... I hope you had an adventure of a weekend.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yard Boy and Rita's

While I was at work on Friday I got a beautiful text from my Wheezy! "Rita' house...tonight!" Saawweett! Let's just say after a long week at work busting my romp I was looking forward to an icy Rita. Pop made them from fresh strawberries and mangoes. It was glorious.

While dinner was cooking we all decided to sit outside and wait for our Ritas to be served. DH crashed on the living room couch since he has been having difficulty sleeping at night. On a side note he is scheduled to go in for his sleep study on Wednesday night. I am sure while he is away from the house sleeping I will be at our house awake. Worrying! It's what I do best. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyways...I got my first drink and slammed it in about 3 minutes. It was HOT as a mother outside so I was desperate. I found out later that Pop put a LOT of alcohol in those and I felt it later. Potato's nanny decided to get the water hose out and let him play so he would not pass out of a heat stroke. He watered(drowned) Nanan's flowers and ended up getting his first tasted of ants. I do believe I freaked out a little too much but that is what I do. Worrier...remember. It did not stop him though he was all to ready to get back down and play in the water even though his little foot had red bumps. I watched to make sure he had no reaction. Babies are resilient!

He tried to spray us a few times and thought it was too funny when we reacted in horror.

After all the play we headed in and Potato got to take a bath in Nanan's HUGEINORMOUS bathtub. I was jealous. Wheezy(Potato's Nanny), put some medicine on his legs so that he did not itch. I went to check on him a little later and found him in her bed watching Finding Nemo.

All in all it was a great night. I even got to walk down the road and visit with the rents since they got back from vacation that day. They were exhausted so I did not stay too long. We missed this soooo much!

We finally all made it home and Potato and I crashed hard. He played hard.....I drank hard. In my defense I am a serious lite-weight! I can't wait to have Rita's again.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Mr T and Dr Shipley Wed

They haven't been married a year yet but I needed to remember.

Pictures before:


The party:

The party ended but the Shipley Family has begun!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday and Upcomming CSN Stores Product Review

Alright so we all know how important it is for a Mommy to have her coffee in the morning. It does not matter if you are at SAHM or a working mom; we all need our fix. Otherwise the world is in danger, right?

I have had the same coffee maker for the past 7 years and I think I need an upgrade. Don't get me wrong Mr. Coffee rocks and has kept my eyelids from closing the mornings when Potato decided that sleeping was for babies!

I have been back to work for a while now and it is so hard to drink that pot of coffee while doing the makeup, hair, dressing Potato and DH. It's a rough life and well most of the time my coffee gets poured and is cold before I realize I left it upstairs during the morning wake up call to my boys.

A remedy is what I am looking for and look at this cool toy I found.
Isn't it just sexy?! It's perfect for any mommy. One for the house and one for the road and no suffering through cold coffee. You know you want one!

Anyways I am also announcing that I will be conducting my first product review for CSN Stores soon. How 'bout that I am a big girl blogger now! I really can't wait to review something. Now I am on a search for just what Potato or DH needs/wants. I think with 200+ stores I should be able to find many perfect things. Make sure you go and shop around.

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