Saturday, July 30, 2011

Gazelle speed!

We did it again! Four accounts paid off and I feel like the huge weight we are carrying is getting lighter each month.

I found out other great news when I was getting the balances in some if the larger debts. One of our items has a payoff balance that is 700 dollars less than the current balance. So that means in September when we get an extra paycheck we will be able to hopefully eliminate that account. Yay for having assets!!

I also found out that one of our doctor bills currently holding at 2400 dollars was an error on the part of the doctor. We will only owe 200 or less once the error is corrected. A mistake in our favor! For the win.

I love watching the Debt Snowball method work. I find myself going over our account each day searching for areas we can cut back.

Since we are in Baby Step number 2 we are not saving anything. Dave Ramsey said that this baby step is dedicated to getting rid of debt. We are working on all the debt except for the house we are a couple steps away from that even though we don't plan on paying it off.

Mr Randolph is still on board with this system. It's not easy and it takes a lot if self control and dedication. I am proud to say that Matthew and I haven't fought about money for the past few months. It used to be the biggest fight, mostly because we did not have a plan.

Unfortunately there are a few that do not support this system and actually think I am nuts for working so hard. These are the same people that have dug themselves a huge hole and can't see the light. I have learned to not care what they think, but it doesn't stop me from showing them that it's working! Ha!

Next month we will be paying off the washer and then starting on a loan we took out. Stupid move, but this is how you learn right? After the loan is gone we will start hacking at the American Express. Evil card I tell you! We have zero balanced this card a few times in the past few years but it always seems to get a huge balance. I have chopped up the card and called the company to take off charging privileges.

I know some people have control when it comes to their credit cards but we are one of the millions that have none. So we eliminate the temptation.

Keep us in your thoughts and thanks for all your support and praise!

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