Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three Decades!

I know that must sound like a long time but from what I hear it seems to fly by when you are having fun!

My parents celebrated their 28 year anniversary on June 2nd and are still going strong!

Mr Randolph's parents also celebrated an anniversary on the 22nd of July. Thirty years!

With that being said I wonder how the hell do they do it? How do you love someone unconditionally for that long?

When things get to hard it always seems easier to just pick up and leave. You wonder why your loved one makes things so hard for you. Then you learn it isn't always about you....the world does not revolve around Kayla. Imagine that!

Things worth having don't come easy and marriage has proven to be the hardest thing in our lives. We fight about money, Tater, hobbies, chores, and about a million other things!

Then you have those moments where you can't get enough of that special person. I am not sure where I am going with this post. It seems like a jumbled mess of thoughts. Sorry!

I know that I want to celebrate 30 plus years with Matthew and I hope that we make it through our trials with the same love that our parents share.

Sometimes I miss the sweet things we used to do, like writing letter in a notebook everyday. Tracing I love you with our finger on each other when we didn't want to draw attention. It seems like I miss these small things more than I know.


Anyways here's to the next couple of decades!

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