Monday, May 31, 2010

Embrace the Camera:Day 6

I should have taken it easy today considering I have to go back to work tomorrow but no dice. The Potato and I hit the road this morning to help Maw and Auntie Claire at the clinic then starting shopping. I really can't keep up with these women when it comes to shopping not too sure if anyone could for that matter. I love these ladies though and well Monkey and Potato always have the best time together. I am so glad that he has a best friend.

Anyway DH and I rounded the day down with pulling weeds and blowing bubbles. We were dirty and tired but were able to catch a few pictures.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Suppa Club!

So to kick off what I hope to be a monthly tradition I had all the friends over for dinner. Thank goodness for my girls who helped me cook and clean! The night started at 6pm and did not end until 1am. We has one of Sammy's specialties: Lasagna! It was incredible. There was also french bread, cookie cake, and ice cream! While the boys geeked out the girls stayed at the table with the wine and cookie cake. Duh! I can't wait to see who will cook the next meal and what it will be....fried rice hmmm. ;-)!

Embrace the Camera:Day 5

What a special day I have had. Strike that! I have had a very special weekend. I have celebrated my birthday for the past 3 DAYS! Today was wonderful. I got to share my birthday with my beautiful nephew and it couldn't have gone any better. I have lots to blog about but here is the Mommy-Potato moment caught today.

Potato was so beat from swimming and eating yummy cupcakes and pb & j sandwiches. So I was the only ham today.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Embrace the Camera:Day 4

Not sure if the Randolph Krewe stopped at all today. At least I don't remember a moment. I do have proof that the Potato and I were able to snag a couple of photos in between the madness of breakfast at Meche's, Build and Grow at Lowes, lunch with the rents-in-law, followed by hanging with DH's uncle at his camp in Cankton, then out to my parents for my dads and my birthday celebration. Yes, we did all of this in ONE day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Embrace the camera: Day 3

So far today my sister-n-law, Sammy, Monkey, Potato, and I hit the library for their opening for the summer reading program. Since school is out as of this week the place was completely packed. We were able to sit in on story time with Harvey the Rabbit, and even get in a few art activities.

The library even had a snack ready for the kids: cookies and water/juice! Yummy! Two little boys kicked three grown women's butts. Since two of the ladies were getting visits from flow we craved grease so we hit Canes. There is no place like it!

Potato could not go any longer and told me it was time to go home for a nap. This is my favorite ONE parts of being a mommy.

My darling I love you!- Cara mia, ti voglio bene!

How do you say "I Love You?"-je t'aime(French), te quiero (Spanish)

Please don't mind the ketchup on his chin.

He was saving that for later. ;-)

Even though we all say it in a different language; our babies are our weakness, strength, and core of all that we feel.

Make a Splash....Read-Books of the week!

This week was our first week in the reading program and we have read 10 books. I would like to be able to double that for next week so if I tell you then it may get done. We are such a busy family that it is so hard to stop and get our reading time in but every day we make it a point to drop everything and read to Potato either while he is in the bath or when he is lying in bed. It's a major deal in our household sense reading at such a young age is imperative to our little mans growth and its great family time. Here are the books that we read this week.
Potato this is more for you to know that mommy and daddy took time to share their favorite books with our favorite little man. I wish you could have seen your face for each book. PRICELESS!

Five Little Monkeys Sitting in a Tree-Ah but a classic.


While their mother takes a nap, five mischievous monkeys discover that it is unwise to tease Mr. Crocodile.

Eileen Christelow has created numerous fun and funny picture books, including the Five Little Monkeys series, Author, and most recently, Letters from a Desperate Dog. She and her husband, Ahren, live in Vermont. For more information visit

Hop on Pop- Potato loves reading Dr Seuss as do I! Although it shows to be a challenge for even the best readers. LOL.


Subtitled "The Simplest Seuss for Youngest Use," this book is perfect for teaching the rudiments of reading. Simple rhyming words, such as PUP and UP, are stacked one over the other in large capitals, so that readers see that "up" is contained in the word "pup." Sentences using these words are accompanied by humorous illustrations to complete the playful reading lesson.

Over the Hills & Far Away-I love reading rhymes.


Come join the fun as Tom, an otter pup, sets out on a merry journey through the various seasons, enchanting young and old alike with his exuberant piping. Among his charmed listeners are raccoons, rabbits, pigs, and a well-dressed snail - but the most charmed of all is Molly, who accepts his hand in marriage. In reimagining this traditional folk song, Chris Conover once again proves her incredible skill, which was touted by School Library Journal: "No one portrays animals in a more charming and expressive way than Conover." For the musically inclined, music for piano and guitar is in the back of the book.

Red Hat! Green Hat! I think its a cute book but a little over the Potato's head. Although the pictures and colors were great!


Leona has a new hat. Its red on one side and green on the other. And Leona causes all sorts of controversy when she steps out wearing her hat. Is it a red hat? Or a green hat? Things get a little out of control before everyone sees the other side.

If I Were A Jungle Animal- Very cute!


Morton thinks playing baseball is boring, boring, boring - especially in the outfield where the ball never, ever comes. He's sure that he would have more fun if he were a wild beast roaming in the jungle.

But then again...

Corduroy-one of my favs

Don Freeman's classic character, Corduroy, is even more popular today then he was when he first came on the scene over thirty years ago. These favorite titles are ready for another generation of children to love.



Everyone on the farm thinks Thomas and Joseph are sloppy, dim-witted pigs. Thomas and Joseph are content, but the other animals are not. The hens want the pigs to paint their pen, the rabbit wants them to eat healthier food, and the duck wants them to dig a water hole and take a bath.

Even though the other animals try to show them how it's done, the pigs can't seem to do anything right.Maybe being lazy isn't as dumb as it seems.

The Very Quiet Cricket


A very quiet cricket who wants to rub his wings together and make a sound as do so many other animals finally achieves his wish. The cricket's sound is reproduced at the end of the book.

Diary of a Worm-DH loved this one!

One small worm . one big world!

This is the diary . of a worm. This worm lives with his parents, plays with his friends, and even goes to school. But unlike you or me, he never has to take a bath, he gets to eat his homework, and because he doesn't have legs, he just can't do the hokey pokey – no matter how hard he tries.

This hysterical picture book by New York Times bestselling author Doreen Cronin and New York Times bestselling illustrator Harry Bliss tells the daily doings of a small worm in a gigantic worm world.

Ages 4–8

Pinduli-Potato really loved this one. It gots doggies!


Janell Cannon's newest picture book about an unloved animal features an endearing young hyena named Pinduli.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Embrace the Camera:Day 2

Today is my first day of my five day weekend. I was able to wake-up early and make french toast for DH and then relax with my Potato before dropping him off to school. Potato had to go to school today because that is part of his routine and he really enjoys day-care and also today I got to be a part of a very special event. I was able to attend my sister-n-law's ultrasound. You can just imagine how much that meant to me to be able to be there. We were able to find out what the sex was and well its just what I wanted!

I don't even care that the weather was complete crap today I was able to go and buy super cute outfits for the new baby and even got one for the Potato. The only way to end a day like today was to take some more beautiful pictures with my adorable baby.

I love you dearly my Potato. Please treasure these pictures as I treasure the memories of being able to hold you in my arms and kiss you when ever I please.

Love Mommy!

Paying it Forward

I know everyone needs a child saftey kit or at least should have one in their house. My friend Gina at The Ish Blog found a lot of free items and I really think you should have one too!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Make a Splash....Read!

Saturday I finally took Potato to our newest local library. Its amazing! I can't tell you the last time I had a library card. Well now its very important that I have one because I don't have disposable funds to buy books and we read entirely too much.

I signed us up for a card and let Potato loose in the huge children's section(which is have of the library) and he picked what seemed like 20 books. I even sat on the floor with him and read a few because he just wasn't having it that we had to wait until we got home to read. I know that all of the stories are make him progress mentally and well I love to see him oooh and ahhh while pointing at everything on the pages.

They are having a summer reading program and mommy and daddy need to read at least 10 minutes a day to him and when we get to 320 minutes we get a prize and 640 a better prize. We keep track by bubbling in our "Lets make a Splash" worksheet. So far we have 4 bubbles. Each bubble is worth 10 minutes.

I plan on going once a week to swap out books for Potato. I really love that this can be something that Clayton and I can share. This Saturday the Library is having a Zoo on Wheels show and I really can't wait to see what animals they bring. They will also be having a story telling time that we plan to attend. Pictures to come.

PS Lots of exciting things will be happening in the next 4 days so make sure to tune in!

Embrace the Camera:Day 1

Hey mommies! I am a follower of Kristen's blog The Wilson Family. She has a beautiful new blog design and well one of the prettiest families I know. I love reading her blog each day because she tells it like it is and doesn't sugar coat life.

Anyways she had one of the most touching ideas. Why don't we see the mommies with their babies? My DH and Potato have about a million pictures together but very rarely are there pictures of Potato and mommy! Why is that? I know that Potato is a little narcissist but when he gets older he will enjoy that the reason he is so good looking is because of his mommy ;-)!

I love you Potato!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Happiness

DH and I have been together for 7 years now and on June 3 we will have be married for 4 wonderful years. How special is this man to me? I can't even begin to tell you....just look at our smiles.

First Words:Bad Dog!

In my earlier blog I went over some of Potato's new words. I was able to catch this video.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Butterflies Day-Care Weekly Update(2 weeks worth)

I missed posting about the past two weeks so here is a summary.

Potato is really blooming and I can't believe how in just a few months he could possibly change that much. He has though. We thought that he babbled before but its nothing compared to now. He is also forming a lot of words.


Bad Dog: This past weekend we went and helped my sister-n-law at the Broussard Veterinary Clinic. She has to take care of all the dogs that are boarded over the weekend. That means to let them out of their cages to potty, clean the cage, and make sure that their water and food is full. Well I....the girl that sits at a desk 5 days a week .... was clearly out of my element. The dogs did exactly what they wanted and when they wanted too. My mom was laughing because none of them would listen to me and so she decided to start saying bad dog while wagging her finger at the puppies. And well there you go!

Mine: Well I am not sure I like this word. AT ALL. Everything is mine, mine, mine! It drives us a little insane because when we tell him no that the item is not his he whines. I am hoping that this word will fade out and hopefully a sweet words will come like I love you mommy! To much? I can hope!


The week of the 14th.

Theme: 7 days of creation

Letter: Uu

Bible Verse: Psalm 75:! Unto thee O God, do we give.

Art: Night and Day. Sun and Moon-to represent the seven days and nights in which God created all things.

Potato was only in school a couple days this week because he was not feeling well.

Last week

Theme: Colors, Adam, Apple Tree

Letter: Aa

A is for apple. He traced and cut out a huge green apple.
They also spelled out his name like this: clAyton.

They learned this week that Adam was the first man on earth.

Bible verse: Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Clayton picked the color pink for his art and inside the card it read.

Pink is the power that is calm and serene.
Use it to add peace and harmony to your scene.

I have no clue what it means I am just telling you what I am reading.

He also colored a picture of the Garden of Eden and Adam in the garden.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rythms on the River:Wayne Toups

Claire, my mom, Monkey(my beautiful nephew), Potato, and I made sure not to
miss the last Rhythms for the season. Wayne Toups had us all shaking our
hind parts. Potato loves Cajun music and he should as it runs in his veins.
Monkey was even throwing his hands up in the air. He has a new smile that
is to die for and of course it melts Auntie Kayla! I could not have had a
better night. I broke out my radio flyer wagon because the strollers were
becoming hard to work with and its more fun for the boys to be able to ride
together. I was fully expecting to not have a place to stand much less be
able lay out our huge blanket for all 5 of us to sit and relax. I was
wrong! It was very roomy and we were very comfortable. We were bad mommies
and forgot to bring toys like we normally do but we did bring enough food
to feed an army of Potato's! After the music we headed to the pond to let
the boys get out there pent up energy and the mommies got to relax. I am
getting to be so close to my sister-n-law and mother and I just have to
thank God for all the blessings in my life. Now to find something to do
with our Thursday evenings. I think we are going to be bringing the boys to
Girard Park. They are just a little spoiled!

Lowes: Build and Grow-Catapult

I happened to stop by Rachel's blog (Frugal for my Friends), because the title was Free Family Events. I like free and family events so I was automatically sucked in but I was not eluding myself to think that it would be anything offered in Louisiana let alone Lafayette, Louisiana. Well come to find out it was an event held every other Saturday at our local Lowes!

Build and Grow Clinics. Each clinic provides your child with the learning experience of working with his/her hands. If you are the first 50 kids/families there at 10am on Saturday then your child gets a free apron, goggles, and the kit to build your item for the day.

Catapult was the clinic item this week and it couldn't have gone any better. Although Potato was not having the goggles. In his defense none of the other babies were down with it either. The bigger kids did not mind and thank God I really did not have to worry about any items flying around the work bench.

I really went in there this morning expecting a huge rush of people thinking the same thing as I. FREE! Well we were the first ones and that meant we got the best seat....on the floor ;-)! I DID NOT care. You could not have beaten the smile off my face while I was watching Potato tap tap tap with great hand-eye coordination I might add. He was such a trooper. Potato made sure to read the distructions before we started along with watching....snooping off our neighbors build.

The clinics go from 10am to 11am and we were done by 10:30. So not only is it FREE it does not take a really long time and the babies don't have a chance to get bored or restless with the builds. When we finished we catapulted our ball a few times then started to pack up and make room for another little baby.

At the end of the build you go back to the registrar table and they give you a certificate for your build and a BADGE! Its not a cheapy iron on badge but a real one that you have to sew on....kinda like boy scouts. I fought back the tears of watching Potato receive his first reward. I mean any mommy would have melted to see his face and how proud he was of himself.

Well the next build is going to be a RACE CAR! If I don't keep it for sentimental reasons then we may have to send that to Parrain because he is a Nascar fanatic. I also plan on having Potato's name embroidered on his apron so he doesn't have to have the paper tag. I know I tend to go over board but I really don't care and I think Clayton will enjoy looking back at all that he has achieved, even at such a young age.

Please if you and your family want to have a great experience then I highly recommend this event! I mean just look at our smiles.

Waiting patiently to start!

Mommy just can't go anywhere or do anything without taking pictures!

Tap Tap Tap

My little mans success!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: OOOOOOHHHH!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Boys Update!

My earlier blog showed you the stress of having my two most favorite boys sick.

Well after a few breathing treatments for the Potato he is on the road to a very speedy recovery. I can't tell you how many yucky diapers I have changed over the weekend. I guess that is the sign of the demons releasing their hold on my little man ;-)! He of course is in great spirits and has been a force to be reckoned with. Now to get DH to feeling better.

The doctor slid some meds "under the table" to DH and said this ought to fix you! He was right!!!!! The cough is really calming down and he is starting to feel the demons leaving him as well he-he! Well I could not be happier. He also went in for chest and head x-rays on Thursday because his doctor was concerned he may have polyps and of course we would not get a call back from the doctor until this morning. The nurse said "Mr. Randolph we will need for you to come in so that we may discuss your x-ray results."There is no way to describe the fear that shot through my body; although DH was calm and cool. Can you tell that I am the worrier?!?

At 10:40am he went in to see the doctor and his x-rays did NOT show polyps. It showed a CYST, in his nose, and a little spur growing on top.How nice..... He can't feel the spur but the doctor said that it has the potential of poking straight through....HIS NOSE! It sounds horribly painful but the doctor did not seem concerned. Well this cyst is causing really bad deviation and in the septum and he will have to have surgery.How wonderful! The doctor said that he did not have to do it right away but by years end it needs to be done. Otherwise it can cause severe damage. My poor husband has already had back surgery and now this! I am not sure why he has to go through all of this and I pray that God takes away all his pain and stops troubling him. I know that things could be much worse but its just so disheartening. I hate to see him in pain or uncomfortable. The good thing is we now what we need to do to fix him.

DH also needs to do a sleep study soon because the doctor is afraid he may have a bad case of sleep apnea. This can cause brain damage over time and may bring on early onset dementia. Since dementia is in the family bloodline I am already worried. I guess the sleep study is on the list of to-do's for my hubby.

On a great note the chiropractor visits 3 times a week are really working wonders. He has NO pain! After each session they are making progress on straightening out his very unlevel body. He has one hip to low his neck and shoulders are way off. He has an appointment coming up to let us know his progress so this should be pretty amazing. I will let you know how that goes.

Besides all this ruckus the weekend was kinda muted. My bosses daughter had her boy baby shower and it was lovely and then Potato had a birthday party to attend for his buddy from Butterflies Day-Care. Sunday I was laying by the pool and sippin on an adult slushy! There was not other way to end a very stressful week. I hope you enjoy the few pictures I got from our weekend.

Angela's Baby Shower(not sure why the picture is so small)

Jacob's 2nd Birthday!

Not Me Monday!

"Not me Monday...."

I DID NOT sit at my desk all morning and play on The Bump and shop for my nephew's birthday gifts!

I DID NOT have a diet coke today when I made a pact this morning to quit!

I DID NOT go to work with my hair in a bun just cause I did not give a damn!

NOT ME! ;-)

Sunday, May 16, 2010


DH and I could not wait until Potato started to talk. It started with Daddy then Uh-Oh(thanks to Maw), now Momma, and the newest word among others is No! Oh my......

Potato would you like to.....No!

Lets go play..... No!

Can mommy change your..... No!

It seems like everyday he has learned something new.

PS. For my nonblogging friends click on the word new to watch the video.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I love my little parakeet!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fancies!

I only want my boys to be happy and healthy. I have armed my self with vitamins and foods that are suppose to make them feel better. Watching them suffer is really killing me! Clayton is doing much better today and is in great spirits. I am hoping that he is up to par by Monday. We have not gotten DH's xrays back yet so we probably won't hear anything until Monday. This makes things worse because then I find myself imagining the worst. The doctor thinks that he may have pollups in his nose and/or lungs that may be causing the chronic cough.

My sister-n-law called me today and talked to me about allergies. I wonder if this is the root of our problems. It's really not that far of a stretch.

My only wish is for a healthy family. No runny noses, coughing, wheezing, ear aches, or tummy troubles. My boys health is my one priority and I intend to do a good job. Please pray for them.

PS. I did get great news that my brother-in-law found a job and well this made for a great day! I am so proud of him and glad that our Wilson family can relax and enjoy their little ones first birthday.
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