Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Fest!

The Randolph's are in heaven because of the beautiful weather. In Lafayette there is a little shop called The Cottage Shoppe and they have a Spring Fest each year. Local artists and craftsmen get together to show off their goods. Mr and I met Nana and Potato there and looked around. We picked up a birthday present for Aunt Kayla. We bought a little handmade glass Fleur De Lis from Botanical Glass. Potato had a blast and even met a few girls there were a few girls surrounding him. We tried to get in a few pictures and we did the best we could with a Potato that did not want to sit still long enough.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


When we heard that we were going to have to put Potato in day-care we were scared out of our minds.

  1. Will they give him the attention he needs craves?
  2. Will they love him as much as his family and friends do?
  3. Will he eat well or go on strike?
  4. Will he make friends?
  5. Are his teachers going to be honest and straight forward or try to sugar coat everything because I am the parent?

Clayton did have a hard first couple weeks but each day was an improvement from the one before. He loves his teachers and is extremely attached to Ms Silvia and Ms Julie. When I went to pick him up I always made it a point to watch him in the room for 10 minutes before I pulled him out. I wanted to see for myself how he was doing and how he was adjusting. It slowly went from him standing by himself quietly crying to him being connected to Ms Silvia's legs....crying. She was so sweet and to help him adjust Ms Silvia appeased him by letting him go where ever she went and do what ever she was doing.

  1. He got to watch her change all of the babies diapers while the other kids had to sit at the table.
  2. He got to sit at the activity table and have one on one time while the others had to get on their mats ready for nap.
  3. She reassures him everyday that mommy and daddy will always pick you up in the afternoon.

I mean what more can you ask for? Well when I went and picked him up on Friday I was whelling up while I watched him play with the other babies, dance, and be overall in an incredible mood. Each Friday you have to bring home blankets and any thing that needs to be cleaned and ready for Monday. Along with that they send home your babies progress report and art for the week. This week was spring so he colored flowers and butterflies. The progress report consists of:

  1. What your baby liked best that week? Potato=ART
  2. What you baby learned this week? = Spring brings many colors
  3. What your baby is really good at? Potato=Coloring and Playing outside
  4. The letter for the week? R
  5. Bible verse? Exodus 20:8=Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  6. The theme for the week is Spring.

They also do a check list everyday to make sure you have diapers, wipes, and extra clothing. Along with this list as you can see in the picture they tell you what your babies disposition for the day is and well this week was the best week for Potato. Very, Very, VERY!!!!

It's very hard to watch them grow up, but watching them become their own little person is such a rewarding experience.

Show me your teeth!

We are working with Clayton on the body parts. He understands them all and can point to them when he wants to! Well when we ask him where his teeth are he sticks his tongue out. Mr and I were wondering why he does that because we show him our teeth and he gets it. One day when I asked him I watched real close and realized that he was taking his tongue and rubbing them over his teeth. Covert cutie!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Show us your life: My cleaning tips!

If you are a mommy and you seem a little overwhelmed by all of the tasks you must complete each day. Cooking, cleaning, playing with Potato has me running in circles everyday. I really don't have much when it comes to cleaning tips but this is what I do.

  1. I try to pick up the living room every morning and at night after Potato is in bed.
  2. While he is playing with the duckies in the tub I bring a laundry basket of clothes in the bathroom and fold them. They don't get put away as fast as I would like but it could be worse.
  3. When I cook I clean and unload the dishwasher so that it is ready when I am all done. Mr loads usually.
  4. I try and put a new load of laundry in every morning.

It's not much but it helps us stay a little more organized. I don't make the beds every morning, sweep the floors every night, or cook everyday. I just don't have the time nor the energy to do these things.

I am a mommy and this is the motto I live by may you should too!

Cleaning can wait til tomorrow. Babies grow up we've learned to our sorrow. So quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep. I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SpRiNg FaVoRiTeS!

My sister-n-law made a post about her favorite Easter candy so I figured I would let everyone know what my guilty Easter pleasure is this year.

I did not think that I would like them because of the white chocolate but that is not the case. I think I might actually like them more than the milk chocolate. You can't just eat one! I tried....

During the different seasons any time of the year my Grandma and Aunt Dawn have a TABLE devoted to just candy. Can you imagine having a table of all your favorite candies?!?! Lets just say I was always a fat kid. LOL!

Saturday Summary

Ok so this should round up what happened at The Randolph's abode this past weekend.

Samantha and Christopher Thevis! These two wonderful people are their own sunshine. I have never seen a stronger team. Sammy may seem shy and a push over but the sista is a little lion if you mess with anything or anyone she loves. Chris is a lot like my Mr he goes with the flow but is always there to open doors, lay his jacket in the mud puddle, or help you jump your car at any hour of the night. We are lucky to have them in our lives. They have been a great addition to our family. I am surprised that they don't claim Potato on their taxes because if you ask them....he is their son. It just gives us a wonderful feeling to know that other people love our baby as much as we do. Sammy is a rock and even though she is young she always has great advise. What I am trying to say is....we love them so much!

Mr Thevis' 26th birthday is today but we TRIED to have a surprise party for Mr smarty! Well because our click is so close and so not the best liars each one of us slipped in some way or another. No matter though I was the one that apparently triggered it for Mr. Thevis. I did not try and make plans for his birthday so that made him realize that we must have had something up our sleeve. Oh well he was still surprised with all the love and great gifts.

Gift card from Maggie/Drill from Randolph's

Shirt "It's a Trap!" and a Potato foot print!

Potato was so scared of that shirt that we had to hide it in the bag and not even pretend to take it out. That is a pretty scary face. If you don't understand the shirt it's from Star Wars....I think.

Potato ate Uncle Chris' cake then ate Aunt Sammy's!

Wednesday Wishlist!

Well I am kind of stealing this from a friends post but come one this is so cool and I would love to have this for Potato. If you know my baby you know that he is a fish and would love to have this cool table.

Mommy....well she has been needing a new camera for a long time. Mr. bought me my first camera over 4 years ago and its going into retirement. I just got a new video camera for Christmas but it's not the best with regular pictures. I would love to have this new toy:

Well Mr....he is the easy one. He always can use something to make his computer go super fast. New hard drive or video card. I could not tell you which ones are what kinds because its a whole different language.

What does your family wish for?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Friday Fun!

Potato has finally gone back to school after a week of playing hooky being sick. Thankfully Butterflies Day Care is willing to give him a breathing treatment after their lunch period. Last night he slept with no coughing or waking up. He is in great spirits and so are Mr. and I. Daddy Randolph did ask me, "Is it mean if I like all the cuddling time I get while Potato is sick?" I said no! Potato really only wanted daddy during the past two weeks. I was jealous but who else is going to pump the meds, vitamins, and disinfect the house. I saw it as a blessing!


Uncle Joey was off of work and was more than happy to watch The Tator until Mr. got off of work at noon 9:30am. Mr. called me and told me that he decided to skip work and so it ended up being The Three Amigos at my house on Friday! It was a beautiful day so they took my snotty nosed baby out to play in the sun.
"Why did you put me in this tree?!?"

When I got off of work Joey treated the Thevis' and the Randolphs to dinner at O'Charleys. We had a great dinner of course. We had to paint a stripe on Sammy to see if she was walking are rolling. We were the loud bunch in the resteraunt but that is always the case. There was ice thrown down shirts and food being shared between everyone. You would think we loved each other or something : )!

We went home for Potato's nightly breathing treatment and ended up staying up way past our bed times watching Role Models. When the movie was over I think we were all soar from the belly laughing. "ASS..BUTT...ASS..BUTT!"

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day/Sick Day!

On Leprechaun Day......Potato played hooky from day care and mommy skipped work. We were not feeling well at all. He was running a low grade fever along with a bad cough. Even though we got to stay home and cuddle Potato was very sad to see Daddy go to work. Potato is starting to want Mr more when he is sick....I guess he is a better cuddler than me :(! Well around noon my sis-n-law called and decided that a visit with her little snot nosed monkey! So with two sick babies, one sick mommy, and one preggy mommy we settled in for a fun afternoon of cuddles and play time.

After catching each other up on the neighborhood gossip we decided to take our little sickies outside in the beautiful sun. Here are the results:

We had a green...snotty Patty's Day. I wouldn't change a thing!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Family Visits!

This past weekend Potato spent most of his time with the Smith family. He loves playing with his little cousin so much. Lil Buck is only 8 months old but I have bets that he will be walking in a couple weeks. He pulls up and lets go of the furniture along with just standing up from a sitting position in the middle of the floor. While Potato was against any type of movement until he was 8 months and started walking. Then decided to walk at 1 year. I am not counting when he started climbing stairs at 6 months because that was very scary.

P.S. Potato's other cousin Baby J is army crawling! So cool to watch!

On Sunday morning I went to pick up the Potato from my moms and ended up staying for a nice long much needed visit. My sis-n-law is due on September 27, only one day after my Mr's birthday. We may just be at the hospital celebrating! So exciting! I am not so secretly hoping for a girl. Anyways.....
6 months crawling
8 months ready to walk

We left my parents abode and headed out to meet Mr and Nana. They were working on her computer and getting her ready for a new printer and some other things. I really don't pay attention when they start talking techy! Shh!

Potato and I stayed outside in the beautiful weather!
Belly Button!
Happy to be outside!
Sad because mommy said INSIDE!

Daddy's Crack!

Daddy's crack is simply explained by saying "Best Buy Trip!" Nana needed new office equipment. Mr could live in this store if they let him. It felt like we were there forever. I just kept pestering him for a MAC. They are so PRETTY! Instead of paying Mr for his services they worked out a trade and Nana bought him an upgraded piece for his computer. It was a better deal for her this way and Mr was/is very happy with his upgrade.

Geek in training!

Evil Knievel Geek!

While they were running from printer to printer Potato and I sat aside watching the madness that was Best Buy.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


While Mommy and Daddy cook dinner Potato is doing arts and crafts....usually. He was being a rebel tonight! I hope you enjoy the video.

Then we worked on our fishy face! Excuse the mess on the Potato as Mommy made some awesome chicken alfredo and he ate two bowls!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist!

Today I find myself not wishing for just material things. I find myself
wishing for things that will make my heart feel better. I find myself
constantly wishing for peace of mind but it never happens. I am a worrier.
I worry what people think about my family, work, and me. I have been in a
depression for some time now because I am always wishing for more and
always seeming to fall short.

1. I am constantly wishing that I could lose just 10lbs. Even though if
I do I am not happy.

2. I wish Mr. and I could have more profitable jobs. Even though we do
what we love.

3. I wish my son was happier at day-care. Even though I know it will get
better each day.

4. I wish I had the guts to tell the people that I love "No", "That hurt
my feelings", "I feel alone", "Lets visit please!"

5. I wish I didn't feel like a leper because of my skin disease. Even
though it has gotten a lot better.

6. I wish that the love I extend out to people could be returned.

7. I wish the ones I loved didn't need to go and fight in wars or train
to fight in wars. Even though it is necessary for us to have freedom.

8. I wish that I could afford to buy my dream home, have just one more
baby, and not have to sacrifice my husband's dream of a sports car.

9. I wish that my exhaustion after work each day did not keep me from
playing with my son as much as I like. Even though I keep him up a little
past his bed time now so that we can have craft/color/cuddle

10. I wish that my husband's hobby did not take so much time away from
his family.

11. I wish that squabbles with our family did not cause fights between
Mr. and I. Even though we are a united front.

I have more wishes but instead of this blog making me breathe a sigh of
relief it just makes me feel worse. I do know that a few of my wishes are
getting answered.

1. I am reconnected with my family. Even though we are completely

2. My bonds with my sisters-in-law have grown and they understand things
without me explaining.

We want more and that is human nature. I just want to be truly happy.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Park Play!

Potato and I had such an incredible Saturday! The weather was wonderful. We had a play date with a co-worker friend and her three beautiful boys. Then to make things so much better as we left Potato found one of his favorite cousins walking laps with his mommy and daddy. After all the excitement Potato and I went home to relax with daddy (bug him to stop his computer work), then take a little nap. I ended my day with a movie and grown-up slushy with my bestie! What a day?! How was yours?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Show us your life: A normal weekday!

I spend most of my day at work being the best Office Manager I can be! When I am working most of the time I am thinking about what my two favorite boys are doing. Although I am a huge daydreamer this is what you can catch me doing during the week.

5:30 My Ipod touch alarm goes off and gets me rolling around in bed.

6 o'clock I am in the shower and listening to my Potato say good morning to all his animals while he waits for me to be done.

6:30 I am getting Mr to open his eyes....by throwing Potato in the bed. Which then he goes and starts poking at daddy's face. Followed by Daddy and Potato bonding.

7 o'clock I go and remind Mr that he has to go to work and Potato has to go to school. Then I hear a lot of grumbling from both boys because they don't want to get out of bed.

7:30 Mr is out the door only after hugs and kisses are passed around TWICE!

8:30 Potato is dropped off reluctantly to day-care. I am hoping this gets easier with time.

9-5 finds me at Prudential going crazy with emails and taking care of my peeps.

5:01 I am speeding home to my boys!

5:10-8 There is cooking, cleaning, bathing, and TARTOONS. Followed by a Potato in bed and Daddy and Mommy on the puters.

8-10 I am zoned out blogging and catching up on my shows while Mr is on the computer playing video games.

10 o'clock I am passed out on the couch and somehow make it to my bed every night. Thanks to Mr.

Then most days we get visits from Aunt Sammy and Uncle Chris which is always the bestest. That's all folks!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love for my favorite Army man!

I know that I can't complete this blog without crying. So I won't try! How do you describe the man in your life that voluntarily protects his country? Do you say he is courageous, honorable, brave, etc!? You would have to say all of those things plus many more adjectives to describe the man I am talking about. I have blogged about Mr T and his wife in previous blogs:Dr Shipley Visits and Shreveport Getaway. I would link them but I don't know how! (Open for directions.)

Last night we went to Grandma and Grandpa Ortego's house for a big dinner for Mr T before he goes and plays army over seas. There were so many faces that I loved seeing. Old co-workers, partner bridesmaids, and great friends. Although we were reluctantly late there were nothing but smiles when we walked into the door. Heck we could not even make it to the door before they were pouring out of the house to greet us and pull Potato out of the car. He is not loved at all. Any ways Matthew and I were so excited to see Tanner and we made sure to get our hugs and kisses. We made our rounds around the house and then made sure to eat the incredibly fattening but oh so yummy grub that was cooked.

So back to Mr T. He has been playing army for a while now and for his first tour we were so scared to lose our friend. It was a very long year to wait but he came back in one piece and we were fit to be tied. Mr T has been there for my mr and I through everything. He helped settle arguments when we were dating and he even let me live in his apartment when I had no home. I have taken care of him when he was sick and to no surprise he became more than just my friend. He was always a brother to Matthew, but for me to gain a big brother....well God knew I needed him in my life.

Mr T looks at this year coming as no big deal and takes it in stride. Thank God he is the strong one because I was a blubbering idiot last night and when it was time for our one last hug for a while I broke down and could not release my hold on him. How do you let someone that means the world to your child...to your entire family go into a war zone? We let them go with the knowledge that he is the bravest, most courageous and honorable man you know. If there weren't men like this then we would not be a free country and I would not be able to let my baby grow up to follow proudly in his Parrain's footsteps if he so chooses. So now that the tears are flowing I am going to wrap this blog up by saying I love and cherish you, Mr T.

PS To Dr Shipley, my sister, we love you so much and I am so freaking glad that you were crazy enough to marry my brother. He completes you as you do him. Our hearts are with you during this long wait.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Week at Daycare!

Butterflies Day-Care Center......Mr and I went to the orientation on Monday and Potato started Tuesday. He is having a rough time adjusting to a new routine, new people, and learning that Potato can't always have what Potato wants.

Clayton's Nana has so much love for him, by rocking and cuddling, I guess he was just not ready to give that up. There were days that I wished Clayton could go to work and I could go to Nana's house and have run of the roost. Then there is Papaw! Clayton would practically fly out of the car seat in the morning when he seen that Papaw was picking him up. This meant riding the tractor and his four wheeler. Would day-care look appealing to you if you had this treatment? I didn't think so!

Expectantly enough Clayton has been having a hard time a but I know we have to stay strong because its what is best! Mr and I are a united front and this is what will help us through this rough patch. I just really hope that Clayton realizes that even though Mommy and Daddy drop me off in the morning and leave....they will come and pick me up in just a little while. He was not able to go outside and play this week because it was wet but I really think this will help because he loves to play outside. Then I found out that on Fridays they have WATER PLAY. If you know Potato this is HUGE! He loves the water and beats on our storm door while it is raining so he can go stand in the rain. My little fish!

Well I had to go and pick him up today because his molars are coming in and causing him to have a low grade fever. He is fine but they don't let them come back for 24 hours to make sure that it is not something else. Which is a good thing! With this time off I can only imagine how he is going to feel betrayed when Mommy brings him back on Monday. It will take time and no matter how much this is hard to watch the crocodile tears....Mommy and Daddy know whats BEST for the POTATO!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Today is a huge day for the Randolph family! Mr and I will be going to orientation at a local day-care center. Potato will start Tuesday and this has my stomach in knots. Even though their reading programs, playgrounds, classroom activities are all great I still have to realize that my baby will be with people that have no real connection with my child. I have never been so scared. Mr Randolph of course thinks of the worst things that could happen to him and is so not ready to see his baby go off to school. We knew that it would happen eventually but its a whole new feeling when it is actually here.

I worked at a day-care for two years so I know all the right questions to ask and where to look for red flags. We went for a tour on Friday and the director was taken aback by all of the questions I had and all of the places that I wanted to look at. Its a Class A school so it is the best of the best. I need to go get ready for our meeting but blogging this, even if no one reads, is a huge help.

1 week old
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