Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yard Boy and Rita's

While I was at work on Friday I got a beautiful text from my Wheezy! "Rita' house...tonight!" Saawweett! Let's just say after a long week at work busting my romp I was looking forward to an icy Rita. Pop made them from fresh strawberries and mangoes. It was glorious.

While dinner was cooking we all decided to sit outside and wait for our Ritas to be served. DH crashed on the living room couch since he has been having difficulty sleeping at night. On a side note he is scheduled to go in for his sleep study on Wednesday night. I am sure while he is away from the house sleeping I will be at our house awake. Worrying! It's what I do best. I will let you know how it goes.

Anyways...I got my first drink and slammed it in about 3 minutes. It was HOT as a mother outside so I was desperate. I found out later that Pop put a LOT of alcohol in those and I felt it later. Potato's nanny decided to get the water hose out and let him play so he would not pass out of a heat stroke. He watered(drowned) Nanan's flowers and ended up getting his first tasted of ants. I do believe I freaked out a little too much but that is what I do. Worrier...remember. It did not stop him though he was all to ready to get back down and play in the water even though his little foot had red bumps. I watched to make sure he had no reaction. Babies are resilient!

He tried to spray us a few times and thought it was too funny when we reacted in horror.

After all the play we headed in and Potato got to take a bath in Nanan's HUGEINORMOUS bathtub. I was jealous. Wheezy(Potato's Nanny), put some medicine on his legs so that he did not itch. I went to check on him a little later and found him in her bed watching Finding Nemo.

All in all it was a great night. I even got to walk down the road and visit with the rents since they got back from vacation that day. They were exhausted so I did not stay too long. We missed this soooo much!

We finally all made it home and Potato and I crashed hard. He played hard.....I drank hard. In my defense I am a serious lite-weight! I can't wait to have Rita's again.


  1. Such cute pictures! Talk about light-weight, I would have passed out from about half a Rita!

  2. mmm I looooooooooove Ritas!!!

  3. cute video but i'm curious what in the world is around his neck?


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