Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fresh Market w/Nana & Papaw!

After our Kids Workshop Build we headed to meet Nana and Papaw at a little local shop because they were holding their first Farmers Market.

Since it was the first one for The Cottage Shoppe the turn out was not so great. Meaning that there were only THREE booths. I felt bad for the owner of the shop but she also holds a big Art show in the spring and it awesome. I know that since a lot of the booths have to worry about licenses since they are selling food and I believe that is the issue. I truly hope that it becomes a popular event and brings in a lot of the locals. Who doesn't like a Farmers Market?!

Well Nana and Papaw visited two of the booths and bought sweet dough pies, granola, and fresh eggs. The third booth had a little lady painting flowers. I wasn't really impressed and this is because Nana is a painter and well lets just say that I have a lot of her stuff on my walls. (She just completed painting Potato's toy box but that is for another post. Lets just say it is gorgeous!)

I love walking around the shop grounds because there are so many photographic moments. This was the first time that I noticed that there were horses next door. Needless to say that is where we headed to show Potato. He was a little iffy. I guess so because those are huge goggies!

It was a beautiful day and I love going to this shop even if I can only afford to look around.


  1. sweet! He'll love the goggies when he's a little older, I'm sure. They are so big up close, it's scary! What a fun day for your family!

  2. aww sha baby! The pics of the horses are precious!

  3. I love Farmer's Markets! Ish is freaked out by horses - we haven't really had a good experience with any yet.


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