Thursday, July 29, 2010

Build and Grow-UFO

I posted about my Saturday earlier in the week but just in case you missed it!

Ok after my little hell on earth we all loaded up and headed to Lowe's Home and Gardening for our Build and Grow session. It was totally cool that we were building a UFO. It had blinking lights and stickers.......I had a hard time containing myself. This build I wanted to be extremely special because Mr. Airforce/Uncle Richey was going to do the build with Potato.

Mr. Airforce has been in for a couple weeks and we have gotten to spend so much quality time with him, and well it's an understatement to say that he has been the highlight of Potato's days. He will be leaving in a couple days for ALASKA. Yep I said ALASKA! His base is located there and he is more than ready to go and live in the beautiful weather.

I can't believe that I have watched this child grow up for a little brat in his early teens to a grown terd that he is today. He is very special to our family of three and we will miss him dearly. DH is going to be building him a computer and we will get him set up on Skype so that Potato can talk to him. Did I tell you how much I love skype and how much it helps when your loved ones are not close enough.

I am trying not to cry as I think about my little brother leave.

When we went to visit him at boot camp he got an Air Force bear. It's adorable but I don't want to seem biased so I better get an Army Bear soon!

Anyways so drying tears and back to the build.....

Pop also joined us at Lowe's. He is a master carpenter, no lie, and was all to excited to watch his g-babe build a UFO. He also had to help out Ms Fumy and Kelon. It was pretty funny since Fumy comes to these builds half asleep. Not everyone can be a perky morning person like I!

Potato (or Pomatoe as Kelon would say) had a blast and really concentrated on his sticker placement. All in all a great build. I can't wait for the next one!

Mr. Airforce, Potato, Kelon & Fumy

Potato had to step in and make sure Ms. Fumy was doing it right.

Potato Mr Airforce & Pop


  1. How cute! Our local Home Depot does little craft days but I yet to take Matthew - his attention span is a little lacking!

  2. Hi Kayla,

    I love your blog. I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blog Award. You can check it out here.


  3. That's pretty awesome. And a smart little boy project!!

  4. Good sticker placement is crucial! Love to see that cutie pie building stuff!!

  5. Looks like he had a great time.

    I am a new follower from the friday blog hop.

    Stop by my blog when you get a chance, I would love for you to enter my giveaways and follow back.

    Have a great Day

    Kari @

  6. So cute!! I can't wait til B gets old enough to start creating. :)

    Joy @


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