Friday, July 2, 2010

20 Months Old!

Dear Potato,

I look at you today and wish you a happy 20 month birthday. Daddy and I can't believe how much of a treasure you have become to us. You are talking more each day and my favorite phrase is "I yuv woo!" It melts our hearts each time you say it. You also have really have become selective on your kisses which makes me sad but I will take one of your blown kisses anytime. Your new thing is to give hugs without question or us asking. Although we will have to work on the hug pat because in our family we embrace with our hugs. No PATTING!

Mr Pediatrician still sees you on a regular basis because you seem to catch every germ known to man. It's wearing on Mommy's heart but I know that this will make you strong and in the long run will get your more prepare for big boy school. If we can just get you to stop loving on the "girl-friends" you insist on having then you may stay well for more than a week. We did find out that you are allergic to grass, pollen, cats, etc and Mr Allergist has set you up with a few medications to take for a month. You take a chewable in the morning then at bath time we blow a mist up your nose along with a dose of some other medicine. On that note, Daddy is the only one that you will allow to give you medication. I have tried only for you to spit it all out and just down right refuse it. Ah but I still love you!

I have noticed that you are rolling into the picky eater stage. Daddy has also had to take over a lot of the feeding because you will allow him to help you. I guess you are just trying to show me your independence and I go with the flow even if it makes me sad. You drink what seems to be a gallon of fat milk each week if not more. We try and throw in a few juices and lots of water. We also make sure that you get your vitamins each morning and depending on how you are feeling you like the Flintstone's chewable or Poli-Visol liquid (very nasty).

You love to skype with Mommy and daddy. Mr T and Dr Shipley love seeing your beautiful smile on the computer. Parrain/Mr T teaches you good and bad habits while we are skyping but I guess I have to allow that since he is overseas. Parrain has taught you the fist bump so you trade the hug for the bump when hang around your Pap, Uncles, and cousin. Dr Shipley has recently taught you how to say her/our name and its adorable.

Potato I hope you know that each day, month, and year you grow older Mommy and Daddy love you and cherish you more and more. You are growing into such a strong minded little boy and we would not change a thing. A beautiful personality and the heart of a lion are just a few of your attributes and I look forward to our future together.

Love you!


  1. What a sweet post. It's so great to watch little ones grow up. This is a post you can look back on later and remember Potato at this stage. :)

  2. aw, what a sweet boy!
    Seems like we live at the doctors office too!

    I'm jealous that Potato says "I wuv yoo!" I can't wait to hear those words!!!


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