Monday, July 19, 2010

Trahan Baby Shower

Sunday was fun day for my pal Sammy, Potato, and I. We got all purtied up for the Trahan Baby Shower. It was beautiful!

I went to school with the Mommy-To-Be. I don't remember much about high school except my friends. I remember Abby and her boy(husband now) coming to my house for my 17th birthday. I remember the crawfish and the fact that everyone ended up wearing birthday cake instead of eating it like normal teenagers. Oh did I add that there were water balloons too!? One of my favorite memories.

Ok back to get back on track....even though high school is over somehow I keep running into Abby. DH is friends with her younger brother and he just so happens to married to my Sammy. Small world right?!

I had to have two baby showers because it would have been complete madness to try and cram everyone together at MIL's house. So I had a 'family' shower and a 'friend' shower. Abby was at my 'friend' shower and it was nice to catch up with her and discover that they were starting their journey to have a baby.

It is so special to be able to see your friends always stay near even though they are not in your everyday lives. Congrats to the Trahan Family!

Ok so I know you will love the photos because Sammy and I did not even try to coordinate but it just happens. Great minds think a like and it helps that we spend more time at each others house instead of our own.

The food was incredible at Abby's shower but my favorite was called 'cajun caviar'. I am not sure what all it consists of except for pepper jelly and crushed pecans. Lets just say that I could have sat down with the dish and ate it all by myself. I am not kidding!

Potato decided that mommy was taking to much time stuffing her face so he helped himself to several cookies off the banquet tables. I did not care as long as he did not break anything. Then after he ate he went and checked out the presents. He chatted with a few of the chicks and then took a nap. I guess its hard work to be debonair. Who knew?

Overall we had a blast and I can't wait to see that beautiful baby!

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  1. you won't believe me, but i think you rocked the zebra dress better ;)


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