Sunday, July 18, 2010

Healing week @ Nana and Papaws

Potato has spent this past week in the healing hands of his Nana and Papaw. After the whole week out for the Hand Foot and Mouth Disease we consulted with Mr Pediatrician and he said that it may serve Potato a favor by keeping him out for another week.

Week #2 was spent with Nana and Papaw. There wasn't a day that Potato came home feeling exhausted from all the fun he had at their house.

Papaw took him riding on the tractor and helped him perfect his t-ball skills. The boy can throw! It's kinda scary. I really can't wait to put him in sports but I think we will try soccer first and I believe that they start that at 3. We have several friends that have their babies in soccer so I can't wait!

Nana had Potato working on his art skills and well we know Pablo Picasso can deliver. He sure did deliver every day and now I can't see my refrigerator. I love it! I would have it no other way. I think it is funny when the friends come over and want to claim a piece for their fridge. Hmm I don't think so.

He made book marks, did some finger painting, and color some wonderful pieces. They are not for sell yet but I think he is willing to be commissioned out if you need some art for your house. The only required payment is stickers. He is obsessed with them....thanks to Nana ;-)!

I think my favorite thing was the NECKLACE! It's so so simple but oh so adorable and let me tell you he loves wearing his creation. Simply perfect!

Some part of me is really hating the fact that he has to go back to school tomorrow.


  1. I passed an award onto you this morning, come by and grab it when you have a sec!

  2. that's my bookmark in the middle!

  3. too cute! I'm glad Potato had such a great time with his grandparents. I'm sure he'll be fine going back to school though. I hope all is well with him now!


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