Friday, July 16, 2010

Suppa Club! -- Travels.....

Mishy and Mr Kristopher are going on a trip to New York in a couple days so we had to reschedule/cancel Supper Club for this month. I was very bummed. Well last night we all got together for dinner but we weren't cooking.

We decided to hit the local Greek and Lebanese restaurant. I love this restaurant although your skin reeks of the garlic for the rest of the day. Potato's, Nanny, was not able to make it out for dinner because she was really tired. I miss her face!

I don't know how it happens but we are always the loudest table where ever we go. I'm sorry! I blame it all on Mishy because she used of her Disney Points and bought Potato some goodies. He got some bath toy characters : Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Pearl, along with a stuffed Squirt from Finding Nemo. Mishy also got him one of the coolest cups, WALL-E! Needless to say he did not need us for the rest of the evening.

The girls all got their fav.....HUMUS! The boys got their food and we ended up stealing off their plate. Fearless! Potato ate all the food I brought for him AND pita with hummus, AND tried daddy's gyro(lamb). He approved of everything except salad and gagged when I let him try the olive.

Potato got restless because he is a baby and needs to move around so I took him outside and we played in the grass. We were soon followed by the rest of the group. They all got their Potato luvin and I just had to get a picture or two by these statues.

All in all the night was wonderful and I can't wait for next month. Sammy is cooking!


  1. Looks like fun! My son is not a hummus fan, but he LOVES lamb!

  2. Aw, it looks like so much fun! And YUM!

  3. I apologize for Mr Kristopher's faces in every single picture... one day that boy will learn how to just smile. :)


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