Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Blog Design Revolution!

I not sure if you have noticed but there has been a lot of tweaking happing to my blog. I am proud to say that my blog face lifter is non-other than one of my girlfriends Mishy @ It's Mishy!

The more blogs I read the more little ting tings I see and like about the face of each. I used to sit and wonder how in the H E double hockey sticks did they do that?!? After many unsuccessful tries and very long chats on-line with my girl she was able to tweak each little detail.

I do have to say that one of my favorite details is my signature. It is my OWN! ORIGINAL! UNIQUE! SPECIAL! MINE! I actually cried when I seen this because she captured our family so perfectly, even the glasses on DH face!

Mishy is from New York and is "married" to one of DH's friends. She is a writer/editor for websites. She is incredibly talented and creative. I was so lucky to be able to tell her what I wanted and trust her to create something ten times better.

I love that she changed what was once boring page tabs into little flowers(that match my blog) and a cute font. I don't dare change anything without running it past her because nine times out of ten she has a better way of completing the task. Who am I to mess with the master or her masterpiece.

Please go and check out her blog and show her a little love. I luvs you Mishy!

PS Potato misses his Auntie Isshy!


  1. I think your blog looks great! Good job Mishy!

  2. Awww thank you for the love Kayla! I truly enjoy working on your blog mostly because it's not work to me but fun!!!

    Now I just have to catch up my own blog to yours! haha.

  3. oh and loves you too... aww Aunt "Iishy??" how CUTE

  4. I love it! such a good idea and I love you signature!

  5. Ok and that button is adorable! Grabbing it now!

  6. I need to borrow you're friend lol I have no idea how to make mine look this awesome! I <3 you baby cousin :)


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