Sunday, July 25, 2010

The scoop on.....Pooootato!

Ah but Saturday morning started out with a bang and not the good kind. Potato was ready to play at 7:30 AM and mommy was not. Strike one! I got up and turned on his light in his room, put the baby gate up to the stairs, and headed back to bed. Unfortunately I am not the kind of person that can fall back to sleep after I wake so I just laid in bed and listened to Potato play trucks.

I should have realized something was wrong when it got a little quiet and he wasn't running up and down the hallway bringing me toys and kisses. DH is a very heavy sleeper so there was no way I was getting him up to go and check on Potato. I rolled out of bed..pouting the whole way....and what do you think I found?

While walking down the hallway I seen two big balls of something. I cursed a little thinking that the cat's had hurled on the floor and my eyes were not even working enough for me to clean that mess up. I kept going to find Potato laying in his bed (strange) and to my surprise his diaper was not on.....Ah if you are following me then you KNOW what I found in the hallway. By this time I was wishing it was cat vomit. No such luck!!!!

In shock and now WIDE awake and started running around(making sure to dodge the Potato droppings) trying to clean up. I started hollering for Matthew to get up and start a bath. He fumbled around and finally realized what was happening. I tossed Potato in the water and headed back to the room only to find it smooshed all over. Lovely....

I am sorry this all seems a little graphic for you but I will have a few suffer along with me in the thought lol. At least you did not have to clean it all up. Lets just say I hope this does not happen again.

So this morning at 7:30 AM I hear him pattering around. It was my turn for morning kisses so he rounds the bed and says "Pee pee, Poo poo!" I flew out of bed.....he still had his diaper on :-)! There is a God! I went and changed him and passed him off to his daddy. I guess he is almost ready for a big boy potty. Not so sure I am.

Thankfully 10 AM rolled around and it was time to head to Build and Grow. Blog to come.... I hope you had an adventure of a weekend.


  1. eeeewww! thankfully this has never happened to me. well, with my kid anyway. there was one time I was at a friends house, and while she was busy with the baby in the bathtub the toddler went streaking through the house with his diaper in hand. poop was everywhere!!!! and poop on the floor or not, if he is telling you "pee pee, poo poo" then he is ready to start potty training. Goodluck!

  2. ughh that's THE WORST!
    I've had "floor explosions" like that too.
    Poor MOMMY!

  3. ahh, one of the many joys of being a mum! lol. I ams o glad my dd is trained and the younger dd is not at that stage yet.

    I also love that both daughters have pooped on my husband and not me! lol.


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