Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday and Upcomming CSN Stores Product Review

Alright so we all know how important it is for a Mommy to have her coffee in the morning. It does not matter if you are at SAHM or a working mom; we all need our fix. Otherwise the world is in danger, right?

I have had the same coffee maker for the past 7 years and I think I need an upgrade. Don't get me wrong Mr. Coffee rocks and has kept my eyelids from closing the mornings when Potato decided that sleeping was for babies!

I have been back to work for a while now and it is so hard to drink that pot of coffee while doing the makeup, hair, dressing Potato and DH. It's a rough life and well most of the time my coffee gets poured and is cold before I realize I left it upstairs during the morning wake up call to my boys.

A remedy is what I am looking for and look at this cool toy I found.
Isn't it just sexy?! It's perfect for any mommy. One for the house and one for the road and no suffering through cold coffee. You know you want one!

Anyways I am also announcing that I will be conducting my first product review for CSN Stores soon. How 'bout that I am a big girl blogger now! I really can't wait to review something. Now I am on a search for just what Potato or DH needs/wants. I think with 200+ stores I should be able to find many perfect things. Make sure you go and shop around.


  1. that looks wicked fancy! it's also making me want some coffee!

  2. I think you deserve it!!! Not a coffee drinker, but it looks totally cool :)

  3. ooh congrats on your "big girl blogger-ness!"

    and, that coffee pot looks fun!

  4. ooh that looks good. Had a tough morning on Monday when I had stayed up too late and woke up to find the percolator wouldn't perc! 1st stop, Ace hardware-in my PJs!


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