Saturday, July 10, 2010

Daddy teached me swimmin! Day #1

As Potato go older we started adding more and more water to his bathes. Well we would give him play time and that would end in having half of the bath water on the floor because Potato was perfecting his diving and under water adventures. We new then that we had a fish on our hands. We did not have to teach him to blow bubbles or stick his head under the water he did that on his own and with no fear. This is a good and bad thing. When we go to the pool he makes a bee line for the water and thankfully we already have an adult ready for our little diver.

DH and I have been searching for a place to take Potato for swimming lessons for a bout 7 months now but haven't had much luck. Either places were really expensive or they did not offer days and times that we could make. For the 4th of July weekend all the friends came over and we had a pool party and of course Potato was showing off his abilities to swim. Everyone was very impressed and told us that we should be practicing with him on a daily basis. I agree.

On Thursday DH and I took him to the pool and had a lot of practice. The water was very refreshing and the perfect way to end a work day. We also had a few visitors come out to the pool and one of them happened to be a swim instructor. Her name was Kala.....meant to be....maybe ;-)! She was working with a 3 year old girl and a boy Potato's age. Kala was just shocked at how advanced Potato was and I felt bad for her because the little boy she was working with was rejecting the water.

She brought noodles and a little boogie board. Potato almost got out of our hands a few times trying to get to the boogie board. I will probably be picking up a noodle and a boogie board soon.

Anyway I took Kala's number and will give her a call next week. I am hoping she doesn't charge too much because I was very impressed with her patience and technique. I think I would prefer doing a group class more because I want to be involved in his progress and I love it when Potato is able to make new friends.

Daddy...let me see if you gots your big teeth in yet.

I love how he plays bashful.

It was incredibly bright outside.

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