Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mr Air Force

In April our family of three headed to San Antonio to watch my little brother graduate from Lackland Airforce Base. Our mini vacation was not nearly long enough but we had a blast. You can imagine our excitement with Mr Air Force decided to come in for the Forth of July weekend.

Potato's Nanan, (Mr Air Force's mom) , had sandwiches, fruit, and ritas to celbrate his home coming. Of course I had about 4 ritas to many! I could not pass them up since they were made with fresh mango and strawberries. Potato even assisted his Pop in making them. Since it was still daylight out all the adults decided to go and sit out in the scorching heat. Potato played catch with his friends then stole my sandwich. We had to eventually go inside because of the rain.

The neighbors decided to come over with their new baby Gavin and OMG he is beautiful. Of course I stole him every second I could. I didn't realize how much I missed that new baby smell until then. I guess I just need to have me another.....hopefully sooner than later.

Towards the end of the night all the boys were rough housing and a kid got his tooth chipped. Talk about crazy. All I have to say is boys will be boys and thankfully it wasn't a broken arm.

Potato missed his Uncle Air Force so much and even said his name today. How exciting! I am so sad that he will be leaving tomorrow morning.

Learning how to make RITA'S!

Baby Gavin! Oh how I love him!

It was a crazy night but DH was just so sleepy lol!

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