Friday, July 16, 2010

Make a Splash....Read: Books for the week

I know I haven't posted about his books for almost a month and that is because I have been going nuts with DH and Potato being sick all the time. Now that we know that Potato has allergies he has medicine and seems to be doing great. DH on the other hand will be going through a sleep study then inevitably going to have nasal surgery with a possible tonsillectomy. We are hoping that this makes them all better. Please keep us in your thoughts. Now back to it here are the books that we have read since my last post.

No More Diapers for Ducky by Bernette Ford and Sam Williams
There by Marie Louise Fitzpatrick
Pigs Love Potatoes by Anika Denise
Betsy Who Cried Wolf by Gail Levine
The Trouble with dogs....Said Dad by Bob Graham
Let George Do it by George Forman
She'll be coming 'Round the Mountain by Jonathan Emmett
One Ted Falls out of Bed by Julia Donaldson
M is for Mischief by Linda Ashman
Always and Forever by Alan Durant
Just like a baby by Juanita Havill
Mrs. Gorski, i think I have the Wiggle Fidgets by Barbara Esham
I knew you could by Craig Dorfman
Tyrannasauraus Drip by Julia Donaldson
A Promise is a Promise by Eve Tharlet

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