Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 2-5: Teachers Appreciation Week

This blog will wrap up my ealier post.

Day 2: Bring your Teacher a Flower!

I love getting flowers but I hate to watch them die. I have always wanted one of these plants for myself so when I saw a chance to buy a "Flower" for Potato's teachers I decided to go this route. Well they were a hit.

Day 3: Bring your Teacher a Sweet!
Well I freaked out when I seen these little cupcakes. They were perfectly decorated with a big poofy bow on top. I made sure that each day Potato got to carry one of the teachers surprises to class. Well they were from him so why not. When we would walk through the day-care all of the teachers would ooh and ahh over the sussies that we were bringing to Potato's teachers. When we got into the classroom there was of course chaos with diapers being changed, breakfast getting served, and lessons being taught at the table. Somehow I conned both of Clayton's teachers in letting me snap a QUICK picture.

Day 4: Bring your Teacher a Fruit!
While a lot of kids brought one fruit, Clayton had to out do that by bringing a fruit bowl! There was no other way....right?! Well I bought these cute little bowls and threw some tissue in there and 3 fruits. I mean how did we know which fruit would be their favorite so we gave them a choice. Suck-ups....I know but oh well! Clayton got to carry one of the bowls in and of course we were met with the same oohs and aahs as we had for the first 3 days. It made Clayton giggle when his teachers ran to him giving him hugs and kisses for such a nice prize. It made me happy to watch!

Day 5: Bring your Teacher a Note!
I was a bad mommy and forgot to take pictures but we made cards for Ms Judy and Ms Silvia. On the front of the card I put a nice quote that I found on Google. On the inside there was a color page that Potato made beautiful.
The note for Ms Silvia said:
I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well. By Alexander the Great!
The note for Ms Judy said:
Without teacher appreciation there can't be student progress. By Theresa Grimm!

I really can't wait until next years Teacher Appreciation Week. Clayton and I had so much fun showing how greatful we are to each of them for all of their hard work and dedication.

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