Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fancies!

I only want my boys to be happy and healthy. I have armed my self with vitamins and foods that are suppose to make them feel better. Watching them suffer is really killing me! Clayton is doing much better today and is in great spirits. I am hoping that he is up to par by Monday. We have not gotten DH's xrays back yet so we probably won't hear anything until Monday. This makes things worse because then I find myself imagining the worst. The doctor thinks that he may have pollups in his nose and/or lungs that may be causing the chronic cough.

My sister-n-law called me today and talked to me about allergies. I wonder if this is the root of our problems. It's really not that far of a stretch.

My only wish is for a healthy family. No runny noses, coughing, wheezing, ear aches, or tummy troubles. My boys health is my one priority and I intend to do a good job. Please pray for them.

PS. I did get great news that my brother-in-law found a job and well this made for a great day! I am so proud of him and glad that our Wilson family can relax and enjoy their little ones first birthday.


  1. Prayer said! I hope you get good news on hubby's xrays - keep us posted!

  2. Hope everyone is up to par soon! I'm getting something over here. Could be allergies, could be who knows what. Lets all feel better so we can enjoy the good weather and good people!

    Congrats on your brother in law's job! That's always good news. :)

  3. I really like the yogurt but its not sweet. Its meant to be really healthy for you!


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