Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mothers Day:1st and 2nd

Sorry about the late post!

Last year I was able to have my first Mother's Day! I never thought that I would have someone so beautiful in my life. He was a surprise baby and what a surprise he is still. He has taught me to be patient and to live life in the moment.

My second Mother's Day was even better. Potato has become such a character and has such a great spirit. DH and I feed off of his energy and really wish that we had a quarter of it sometimes. I was so excited this year to be able spend the morning with my sister-n-law and then head to Posados for lunch with my mother. Although we are completely different people now we are growing closer. I am not sure if our relationship will ever be the same again, but we can develop a new one. After lunch I headed to the pool with my favorite Sammy. That night we went and checked out my parents new patio and helped them unload their new patio furniture. I really can't wait until they get a play set for the boys. Soon!
My DH surprised me at the end of the night though. He took me to Best Buy and I was able to get an item off of my WISHLIST! I got my web cam and I actually got to use it tonight to talk with Dr Shipley! I love her and she got so many virtual kisses from the Potato. We are hoping to get to see Parrain soon. Here's proof that I got my new toy!

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  1. Sounds like it really was a great day! Nice present too! :)


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