Thursday, May 27, 2010

Embrace the Camera:Day 2

Today is my first day of my five day weekend. I was able to wake-up early and make french toast for DH and then relax with my Potato before dropping him off to school. Potato had to go to school today because that is part of his routine and he really enjoys day-care and also today I got to be a part of a very special event. I was able to attend my sister-n-law's ultrasound. You can just imagine how much that meant to me to be able to be there. We were able to find out what the sex was and well its just what I wanted!

I don't even care that the weather was complete crap today I was able to go and buy super cute outfits for the new baby and even got one for the Potato. The only way to end a day like today was to take some more beautiful pictures with my adorable baby.

I love you dearly my Potato. Please treasure these pictures as I treasure the memories of being able to hold you in my arms and kiss you when ever I please.

Love Mommy!

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