Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Way-Back Wednesday!

I am stealing this idea from one of my favorite blogger friends Gina! My Potato was just days from being 6 months old in April 2009. I miss his fat head and rolly polly limbs. He was/is such a happy baby.
Clayton started to climb the stairs at this age and I thought I had my first heart attack when I found him upstairs. Needless to say I went out that day and bought the sturdiest baby gate they make. Well today he is just inches from climbing over it. He gets to the top then has a tiny panic attack and we run to his rescue. Clayton at this time was still being watched by his Nana and Papaw. He was not quite crawling but he did a mean body surf on the floor or on you if you let him. His Papaw taught him that and we still blame that for his late crawling lol. It was so cute though.
As far as food was concerned he would eat and drink anything that you put in his face except sweet peas! He still preferred his bottle warmed which was a headache sometimes but necessary to help with his colic. Mr was becoming a pro at the diaper changing and of course was the only one that got shot each time Potato's worm was set free. It was kind of funny to me, of course! Mr would not feed him for fear of getting a sneeze full of carrots or worse banana sprayed.
Clayton loved to watch himself in the mirror. He still thinks/knows he is gorgeous God's gift to women and can have any woman he wants. I know that he was God's gift for the hubby and I. He makes us happy each day and we find that now we crave his attention just as much as he wants ours.

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  1. Isn't it crazy that such a short amount of time can bring so many changes??!!


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