Monday, May 24, 2010

Butterflies Day-Care Weekly Update(2 weeks worth)

I missed posting about the past two weeks so here is a summary.

Potato is really blooming and I can't believe how in just a few months he could possibly change that much. He has though. We thought that he babbled before but its nothing compared to now. He is also forming a lot of words.


Bad Dog: This past weekend we went and helped my sister-n-law at the Broussard Veterinary Clinic. She has to take care of all the dogs that are boarded over the weekend. That means to let them out of their cages to potty, clean the cage, and make sure that their water and food is full. Well I....the girl that sits at a desk 5 days a week .... was clearly out of my element. The dogs did exactly what they wanted and when they wanted too. My mom was laughing because none of them would listen to me and so she decided to start saying bad dog while wagging her finger at the puppies. And well there you go!

Mine: Well I am not sure I like this word. AT ALL. Everything is mine, mine, mine! It drives us a little insane because when we tell him no that the item is not his he whines. I am hoping that this word will fade out and hopefully a sweet words will come like I love you mommy! To much? I can hope!


The week of the 14th.

Theme: 7 days of creation

Letter: Uu

Bible Verse: Psalm 75:! Unto thee O God, do we give.

Art: Night and Day. Sun and Moon-to represent the seven days and nights in which God created all things.

Potato was only in school a couple days this week because he was not feeling well.

Last week

Theme: Colors, Adam, Apple Tree

Letter: Aa

A is for apple. He traced and cut out a huge green apple.
They also spelled out his name like this: clAyton.

They learned this week that Adam was the first man on earth.

Bible verse: Romans 3:23 All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.

Clayton picked the color pink for his art and inside the card it read.

Pink is the power that is calm and serene.
Use it to add peace and harmony to your scene.

I have no clue what it means I am just telling you what I am reading.

He also colored a picture of the Garden of Eden and Adam in the garden.

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