Saturday, May 8, 2010

Saturday Summary

I do believe that today Lafayette, Louisiana had the best weather! Lets just say we were not inside for too long.
Potato, Aunt Sammy, and I went on a trip out of town to visit Sammy's mom. Clayton has grown so attached to his Mawmaw Eva and of course she loves him like her own grandson. She told us that we could just drop him off and leave if we wanted. It's amazing how no one wants to visit with the adults and they really only want the Potato! Oh well!
Traditionally the Mawmaw Eva and Sammy go eat Chinese food when they visit and this time we got to join. The food was great and Potato was working the crowd and had our waitress goo-gooing over him. Somehow he ended up out of his booster seat and in his MawMaw Eva's lap. Hmm spoiled much?!
We had a great time playing outside. Potato some how ended up losing his clothes that afternoon and ran around nakey playing in the water. I do have to say the child got my hiney and thighs. Scrumptious!
Potato was exhausted and was put to bed when we got back home. Meanwhile Sammy and I headed straight for the pool. What a wonderful way to end the day?

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