Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lowes: Build and Grow-Catapult

I happened to stop by Rachel's blog (Frugal for my Friends), because the title was Free Family Events. I like free and family events so I was automatically sucked in but I was not eluding myself to think that it would be anything offered in Louisiana let alone Lafayette, Louisiana. Well come to find out it was an event held every other Saturday at our local Lowes!

Build and Grow Clinics. Each clinic provides your child with the learning experience of working with his/her hands. If you are the first 50 kids/families there at 10am on Saturday then your child gets a free apron, goggles, and the kit to build your item for the day.

Catapult was the clinic item this week and it couldn't have gone any better. Although Potato was not having the goggles. In his defense none of the other babies were down with it either. The bigger kids did not mind and thank God I really did not have to worry about any items flying around the work bench.

I really went in there this morning expecting a huge rush of people thinking the same thing as I. FREE! Well we were the first ones and that meant we got the best seat....on the floor ;-)! I DID NOT care. You could not have beaten the smile off my face while I was watching Potato tap tap tap with great hand-eye coordination I might add. He was such a trooper. Potato made sure to read the distructions before we started along with watching....snooping off our neighbors build.

The clinics go from 10am to 11am and we were done by 10:30. So not only is it FREE it does not take a really long time and the babies don't have a chance to get bored or restless with the builds. When we finished we catapulted our ball a few times then started to pack up and make room for another little baby.

At the end of the build you go back to the registrar table and they give you a certificate for your build and a BADGE! Its not a cheapy iron on badge but a real one that you have to sew on....kinda like boy scouts. I fought back the tears of watching Potato receive his first reward. I mean any mommy would have melted to see his face and how proud he was of himself.

Well the next build is going to be a RACE CAR! If I don't keep it for sentimental reasons then we may have to send that to Parrain because he is a Nascar fanatic. I also plan on having Potato's name embroidered on his apron so he doesn't have to have the paper tag. I know I tend to go over board but I really don't care and I think Clayton will enjoy looking back at all that he has achieved, even at such a young age.

Please if you and your family want to have a great experience then I highly recommend this event! I mean just look at our smiles.

Waiting patiently to start!

Mommy just can't go anywhere or do anything without taking pictures!

Tap Tap Tap

My little mans success!


  1. love it ... when he gets bigger i know how to make one that will throw cats.... i mean water balloons

  2. Yeah!!!! I'm so glad you loved it! My Abey doesn't wear the goggles either, and I must say that sewing on the little patch is usually the highlight of my weekend!

  3. OMG - that is toooo cute! Too bad I don't have a Lowe's near me :-(


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