Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life: Names of your children or future children.

Playing baby dolls while I was a little girl was a lot of fun. I would line them all up in a row and each would have a name. I was the teacher and each one of the 20 that I had worked on their own projects each day. I was a pro at keeping track of their names back then because I was a great teacher and well that is what we were good for. Today I could not remember one name.
Except I had one boy Cabbage Patch named Garth. Don't ask!

Well Garth was no where near our list of names when me and DH(Dear Hubby) were making our selections. It was very important to us that the name mean something and well I think we hit the nail on the head when we had our little boy!


Clayton Manuel Randolph

My father-in-law does not go by his first name since he was a Jr. He went by his middle name of Clayton aka Clay. DH's father is a very special man to us as he brings much joy to our son. It was only fitting that we honor him by naming our first boy Clayton even though I shiver a little when someone calls him Clay. I even call my DH by his full name while everyone
else splits it. I guess its just one of my pet peeves.

Now we were super lucky with the middle name because it's DH's middle name and my great grandpa's first name. So by the grace of God we have a piece of both families. I never knew my g-grandfather but I do know that he was full blooded Indian and worked hard for his family.

The last name was a given since I did take DH's last name so would our child. It's kinda strange to think that some do not go along that route but each situation is certainly different. DH is the only boy to carry on the family name and now that he has a son his legacy can be passed down and that is a great honor.


Rileigh Marie (?) Randolph

We did not really kick around a girl name to much since we were PRAYING for a little boy. I still don't have a clue what we would name our little girl since I can't seem to nail one down. Rileigh was chosen by my husband because it was different and did not "Sound like and OLD lady!"His words! Well then Marie was his Memaw's middle name. The middle name is up in the air since its been brought up that we may need to choose a given name from my side of the family. Rileigh really does not flow with any of the names I have seen so far but I haven't given up. My middle name is Faye but I just don't know if Rileigh Faye flows really well. GRR!

When I get pregnant again and we find out its a boy then we are kinda screwed because we don't have another name chosen. I am sure it will come when and if its needed. I would love to have another little boy. They say there is nothing as strong as a boys love for his mother. Hmph! ;-)!

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