Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Way-Back Wednesday!

The Randolph boys have been sick for over a month now and I am about to lose my ever lovin mind! DH will be going back to the doctor tomorrow for the third time. They have no clue what's wrong with him and have tried the strongest medicines.

Potato just got over his 4 infection in the past two months but last night ran a fever of 101 and this morning of 100. I took him to the doctor yesterday morning and they said that his ears look great and "Yep he has a cold!" OMG! I must have a kickass metabolism because I have yet to catch what they have. On the other hand my metabolism is making my Psoriasis kick into high gear. I am stressed all the time and practically in tears every night. I feel like throwing my hands up in the air because I can't fix my boys!
I feel like a horrible wife and mother although I disinfect the house twice a day and pump so many vitamins into each of their systems with no sign of the bug clearing. I feel lost, discouraged, angry and depressed.

While I am away from my boys I feel hopeless. DH is my backbone and Potato is my happiness. What do you do without those two things?! I have a ton of pictures in my office and when I feel low I look at them. I have some of when Mr and I first started our journey together. His smile warms my core as do his big bear hugs. I love the fact that I can curl up in his arms and look like a little girl. Safe, secure, and loved. I love how when I look at them I can see how far we have come and how much we have accomplished together. I am on an incredible life journey and the only place I want him to be is right beside me.

Then how could you not adore a face like this one! The picture below was from May 2009.

I hope you enjoyed looking back with me.

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