Monday, May 17, 2010

Sweet Boys Update!

My earlier blog showed you the stress of having my two most favorite boys sick.

Well after a few breathing treatments for the Potato he is on the road to a very speedy recovery. I can't tell you how many yucky diapers I have changed over the weekend. I guess that is the sign of the demons releasing their hold on my little man ;-)! He of course is in great spirits and has been a force to be reckoned with. Now to get DH to feeling better.

The doctor slid some meds "under the table" to DH and said this ought to fix you! He was right!!!!! The cough is really calming down and he is starting to feel the demons leaving him as well he-he! Well I could not be happier. He also went in for chest and head x-rays on Thursday because his doctor was concerned he may have polyps and of course we would not get a call back from the doctor until this morning. The nurse said "Mr. Randolph we will need for you to come in so that we may discuss your x-ray results."There is no way to describe the fear that shot through my body; although DH was calm and cool. Can you tell that I am the worrier?!?

At 10:40am he went in to see the doctor and his x-rays did NOT show polyps. It showed a CYST, in his nose, and a little spur growing on top.How nice..... He can't feel the spur but the doctor said that it has the potential of poking straight through....HIS NOSE! It sounds horribly painful but the doctor did not seem concerned. Well this cyst is causing really bad deviation and in the septum and he will have to have surgery.How wonderful! The doctor said that he did not have to do it right away but by years end it needs to be done. Otherwise it can cause severe damage. My poor husband has already had back surgery and now this! I am not sure why he has to go through all of this and I pray that God takes away all his pain and stops troubling him. I know that things could be much worse but its just so disheartening. I hate to see him in pain or uncomfortable. The good thing is we now what we need to do to fix him.

DH also needs to do a sleep study soon because the doctor is afraid he may have a bad case of sleep apnea. This can cause brain damage over time and may bring on early onset dementia. Since dementia is in the family bloodline I am already worried. I guess the sleep study is on the list of to-do's for my hubby.

On a great note the chiropractor visits 3 times a week are really working wonders. He has NO pain! After each session they are making progress on straightening out his very unlevel body. He has one hip to low his neck and shoulders are way off. He has an appointment coming up to let us know his progress so this should be pretty amazing. I will let you know how that goes.

Besides all this ruckus the weekend was kinda muted. My bosses daughter had her boy baby shower and it was lovely and then Potato had a birthday party to attend for his buddy from Butterflies Day-Care. Sunday I was laying by the pool and sippin on an adult slushy! There was not other way to end a very stressful week. I hope you enjoy the few pictures I got from our weekend.

Angela's Baby Shower(not sure why the picture is so small)

Jacob's 2nd Birthday!


  1. Ugh, I had a cyst in my nasal cavity that exploded a few weeks ago - the pain was worse than childbirth! Your poor dh!

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  5. Aww! your son is adorable!! :)

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  6. Sorry there is so much going on for you. Following from FMBT. Have a great week!


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