Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 1: Bring your teacher a drawing!‏

I have never seen two adult ladies be so happy to receive a piece of paper of scribble art. Well my mini Picasso worked on three drawings this week for the 1st Day of Teachers Appreciation Week. He constructed three original masterpieces for Ms Judy, Ms Silvia, and one for the receptionist that kept Mommy sane the first couple weeks that Potato started day-care. I know that teachers do not get the recognition they deserve so the Randolph's got together and are ready to spoil these two wonderful teachers and show them just how much they mean to us and our son.

Ms Silvia, she is the cuddler and enabler. Clayton knows that if he wants something or has a boo-boo of some sort Ms Silvia will fix his problem. She is the one that spoils him in the since that if he feels like staying up and doing art, reading, or singing while the others are trying to sleep.She is the one that when he falls and hurts his lip she sits with him and gives him all the TLC he needs until HE is ready to play again. She is the one that writes very detailed notes to us panicked parents telling us exactly what he ate, drank, how many times she changed his diapers, and how his overall day was. How do you tell this wonderful woman just how much she means to us.

Ms Judy, she is the spunky little lady that is yelling in excitement when Clayton enters the door. Judy is teaching Potato how to make friends.Everyday when he walks in she gives him a big hug after she calls his name loudly making sure all the other babies know he has arrived. Then in a rush you see about 10 babies running to the door to give hugs! At this point you don't give a damn about germs or whose nose is running because when I look down and see my baby boy returning the hugs with a huge teethy grin all other worries go out the door. Ms Judy is the Art expert. She helps Clayton develop is coloring skills and learning the letters of the alphabet.

One of the most incredible things about them is that they are teaching my child the word of God. They make sure to have children's Christian music on while they have free play and they teach them scripture. Well they teach them about Jesus and that he saved us. What more can a parent ask for?! I have put my trust in these ladies and so far they have not let me down.

This week is going to be a great week for them and Clayton. He will be able to make them happy not only with his smile but with tokens of friendship. I will blog about each day and how they react to each gift. Please make sure to read.

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