Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rythms on the River:Wayne Toups

Claire, my mom, Monkey(my beautiful nephew), Potato, and I made sure not to
miss the last Rhythms for the season. Wayne Toups had us all shaking our
hind parts. Potato loves Cajun music and he should as it runs in his veins.
Monkey was even throwing his hands up in the air. He has a new smile that
is to die for and of course it melts Auntie Kayla! I could not have had a
better night. I broke out my radio flyer wagon because the strollers were
becoming hard to work with and its more fun for the boys to be able to ride
together. I was fully expecting to not have a place to stand much less be
able lay out our huge blanket for all 5 of us to sit and relax. I was
wrong! It was very roomy and we were very comfortable. We were bad mommies
and forgot to bring toys like we normally do but we did bring enough food
to feed an army of Potato's! After the music we headed to the pond to let
the boys get out there pent up energy and the mommies got to relax. I am
getting to be so close to my sister-n-law and mother and I just have to
thank God for all the blessings in my life. Now to find something to do
with our Thursday evenings. I think we are going to be bringing the boys to
Girard Park. They are just a little spoiled!

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